Need a perfect Pinterest Plugin? Get AP Pinterest Pro

As the number of new visitors is overwhelming everyday, Pinterest has become a must have social network in any website. It has been successful in driving high traffic and leads to a website. And if everyone is taking the advantages, why not you? It’s high time to step forward and have a ‘‘Pin It’’ button in your website. Are you still confused which plugin to choose? No worries, we have an answer. The experienced and professional WordPress geeks bring you a feature rich premium Pinterest plugin for WordPress, namely AccessPress Pinterest Pro.

AccessPress Pinterest Pro

AccessPress Pinterest Pro is a perfect WordPress plugin for you as it gives you the best Pinterest services without spending more than a single minute for set up. Yes, it just takes only one minute to set it up and use.It is also very easy to use plugin with both shortcode and widget options. Setting up AccessPress Pinterest Pro, you’ll let your website users an opportunity to bookmark your great content online and drive back a high traffic back to you in return.Make your content’s social reach to next level with it.


It is a amazing premium WordPress plugin with numerous amazing features. Let us state the major features of this plugin below:

1. Easy to configure Pinterest buttons

It is a very simple process to configure Pinterest buttons. You customize ‘’pin it’’ buttons with various configuration options.



2. 40 icons available

There are 40 icons available for ‘’pin it’’ custom button. You got freedom to choose any of them you like.



3. Custom icon options

You are confined to just 40 icons offered but you can easily upload your own icon and configure within few clicks. It simply respects your innovations.



4. ‘‘Pin it’’ button display options

It gives you an option to enable the “Pin it’’ button to display ‘always’ or ‘on hover’ image. Set any kind you like.



5. Display position of the “Pin it” button

It has options for the display position of the “Pin it” button. you can keep it anywhere you like i.e. top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right or middle.


6. Responsiveness

It has options to show the “Pin it” button over images for responsive (mobile sites) as the hover effect will not appear in mobile devices.



7. Enable/ disable “Pin it” button for each pages or posts

You can enable/ disable ‘Pin it” button for each pages or posts.



8. Set “Pin it” buttons where you want

It has options to set “Pin it” buttons for pages, posts, archives etc. where you want. Set it in the home page if you want or uncheck it.



9. Supports custom post types and taxonomies

The plugin supports the custom post types and custom taxonomies.


10. Use custom or native “Pin it” buttons

You can use custom “Pin it” buttons or native Pinterest buttons. You must disable the custom “Pin it” button to use native “Pin it” button.


11. Retina ready

The plugin is retina ready. “Pin it” icon will be displayed sharp and clear even if higher pixel ratio of the device’s display was.


12. Super support & paid customization available

We provide the best support after purchase of this product. You can simply get support via email, support forum or online chat. In addition to that, we offer paid customization too after purchase of this product. We leave no chances of negative complains. Let us serve you, we guarantee your satisfaction.


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