Which One is the Better Option Mobile App or WordPress App?

Which One is the Better Option Mobile App or WordPress App

If you only want what’s best for your business and to reach a wider audience, one thing you can do is take a chance on mobile by developing an app. There are two options, you can either go for a mobile or a web app. Lots of people don’t have the slightest idea what the difference between these two is, let alone which one can help you reach your target audience better.

If you cannot decide whether developing a web or a mobile app is the right choice for your business, it’s helpful to know some of the features that both apps have to offer.

Mobile App VS WordPress App

What are mobile apps?

Any application that can run on a mobile device, like a smartphone, tablet, or smaller touch device is identified as a mobile app. Even though apps are small software units with limited functions, they still have a lot to offer in terms of good services and experiences to users. 

And the good news is, they’re fairly easy to make. If you are a non-programmer and want a high-quality mobile app but don’t want the hassle of looking for and hiring a professional to create one for you, all you need is an app maker. This app builder will let you design an easy-to-use app on the platform of your preference without writing a single line of code with all the features you could ever need.

How are mobile apps built?

Native mobile apps are built specifically for a mobile operating system like Android, iOS, or Windows phone. Each OS has specific requirements which the app must meet. It is downloaded from the respective app store on the device and is accessed with a simple tap. Lots of native mobile apps are designed to be used without an internet connection. They offer the best user experience and are faster and more reliable, offering the most advantages.

Hybrid mobile apps might resemble a native app, but they are only praised websites turned into downloadable apps. Their development is easier and they match all devices. Hybrid apps are installed like native ones, but run and function as a web page since they are powered by an internet browser. They aren’t as fast as the native ones since they don’t have their performance and optimization. These apps are an intermediate solution for companies who already have a website and want to offer their clients the mobile app experience.

What are web apps?

Web apps are often confused with mobile apps as they often look a lot like them. However, there are some great differences that influence their functionality and usability. They are internet-enabled applications in the form of a website that accommodates whichever device the user is browsing on. These apps cannot be downloaded and installed. Since they need a browser in order to run, they don’t take up too much of the device’s memory.

How are web apps built?

Web apps take less time to construct than mobile apps. They are usually built by combining two types of common coding languages since they run in a browser similar to websites. These usually function by receiving an input from the user, entered via a web form. The information is forwarded by the app server, which accomplishes the requested task, and the results are sent back to the browser. They can be used across web browsers no matter the platform they’re based on. 

Mobile App VS WordPress App.

Benefits of a mobile app

Mobile apps are faster and have quicker overall usability. They offer better UX and can function without the internet, with the option to be quickly accessed via shortcuts. Compared to web apps, they are easier to develop. A great benefit is push notifications as they allow businesses to deliver messages that add value and keep customers’ interest in the app.

Benefits of a web app

Web apps come with a lower cost of development compared to mobile apps. They can be accessed across a wide range of devices through the browser, no matter the operating system. Their launch is quicker as there’s no need for marketplace approvals beforehand. Their content is easily shared by simply sharing the URL. Updates are done regularly and automatically. They are also more compatible with a great range of devices.

In a nutshell

There are many factors that should be considered when deciding which type of app better suits your business’s needs and requirements. No matter which app you choose, it is important to keep in mind that UX should be your main focus. 

It’s very hard to pick a side when choosing between the two, but the functionality you want to offer, the available budget, the target users, the existing market standing are all indicators that should be taken as a starting point when deciding on the best app that would make your business thrive.