Meet Monstroid – a Web Design Monster You Should Not Be Afraid of


Are you afraid of monsters? Would you like to make friends with one of them? We are talking about Monstroid now. By calling this brand new WordPress theme a “monster” we refer not to its character, but its huge size and enormous functionality. Would you like to know more about this unbelievable project? Just read on and we will reveal most of its secrets.  We believe this information will simplify your life considerably if you are a web developer, although beginners can also benefit from it.

We hope this short preface has sparked your interest and you can’t wait to know what Monstroid actually is and what it offers to its users. It will be our pleasure to answer all of the above and many other questions.

Monstroid theme
Monstroid theme

Let’s take a closer look and understand why Monstroid is different from other WordPress themes.

First of all, Monstroid allows you to create absolutely any kind of website, be it a personal blog, a portfolio website, an online store, a news portal etc. And you can do this even if you don’t know much about coding. Secondly, it has a number of unique features. Thirdly, the theme gives you unlimited possibilities when it comes to the design of your website.

Multiple Сhild Themes at your fingertips for any project

 child themes

Whether you’re a professional web designer or a beginner, Monstroid is a universal solution for each and every one of your projects because it offers a selection of child themes for different business fields. You get four child themes right from the start and then each month up to 15 new child themes will become available to you. It goes without saying that their designs will fit different business niches.

The current version of Monstroid features 3 skins: minimal, dark and flat. However, more skins will be added in the near future. The users will be able to choose between them without touching the HTML or CSS code. Please note that site visitors will also be able to manipulate the skins.

skin switcher

Monstroid is eCommerce Ready

We guess it’s important that all themes (basic Monstroid and child themes) are WooCommerce compatible. Moreover, Monstroid is a ready-to-use WooCommerce theme that comes with pre-built shop pages.

woocommerce theme

Unique Features of Monstroid

  • Installation Wizard

It lets you install Cherry framework and the theme in a few clicks. Initially you need to upload the Wizard, just like any other WordPress plugin. Then you’ll be able to install all components of the template in a few minutes. It’s very convenient that all files are downloaded from the cloud. What’s more, you can choose the components you want to install. You can preview all the available child themes and check some particular features you want to setup in the wizard.

  • Shortcode Template Editor

With Shortcode Template Editor you can create an unlimited number of shortcode templates and use any of them for customizing the site.

  • Static Area Builder

This feature allows you to easily customize the look of your header and footer (you can change the placement of header and footer elements, to be exact).

  • Dynamic CSS

This is an independent and customizable solution where editing CSS is carried out via more syntax similar to SCSS. Here, every user can set variables for their custom elements working in the editor.

  • CSS Compile/Minify

Use a custom-built compiler to unite multiple CSS files into a single file, which will improve overall site speed.

Premium Plugins Included

Together with the theme you’ll receive a number of premium plugins that are free for all Monstroid owners. All of them ensure an unmatched performance and add some cool functionality to your site.

  • MotoPress Editor (a drag and drop content editor)
  • Moto Slider (a stylish slider)
  • Portfolio (create a portfolio section)
  • Charts (create diagrams and infographics)
  • Team (create a team section)
  • Megamenu (this plugin can considerably improve your website navigation. In addition to the links, you can add images, buttons, lists and other elements to the dropdown panel of your menu.)

A Few More Things You Should Know About Monstroid

Theme Settings and Data Backup

A specific built-in functionality allows you to back up your settings and uploaded files in order to restore them, in case you decide to start over again and then come back to a previously modified version.

30+ Exclusive Shortcodes

Make a single click and create tabs, buttons, sliders, boxes and much more. Edit your theme the way you want with a set of 30+ shortcodes.

Powered by Cherry Framework 4.0

Monstroid is powered by Cherry Framework 4.0. This means that the theme possesses all the updated framework functionality benefiting both users and developers. Customize it as you wish – via plugins or digging into the code. It’s up to you; everything depends on your personal preferences and level of expertise.

Fully responsive

Your website layout, as well as all its elements, will adapt to screens of any resolution. It doesn’t matter if the user views your website on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

WPML ready

WPML makes it possible to build multilingual sites and run them.

Full Social Integration

Link your site to your social media profiles and promote it via social networks.

Third-party Extensions Support

The theme is compatible with BBpress, Buddypress, Yoast, WPML, Google Maps, Google Analytics, etc. This allows you to extend your website capabilities and make it more engaging and user-friendly.

SEO, Mobile & Google-friendly

The feature guarantees that your content is SEO-optimized and highly ranked in Google’s search engine.

With Monstroid You’ll Also Get

50+ Royalty-Free Graphics

licensed images

Together with Monstroid you get a set of 50+ licensed images that you can use on your website.

500+ Google Web Fonts

Change styles of all fonts of the Monstroid-powered website through the Cherry Settings.

100+ PSD Files to Explore

More than 100 PSD files are available for those who like delving into Photoshop when working on a new project.

Final strokes

Monstroid support

We hope our review didn’t bore you too much. We have highlighted all main attributes of Monstroid. What else can we add to everything said above? We believe that free 24/7 lifetime support as well as free lifetime updates are really essential features of Monstroid. No matter what your question or issue is, you can contact a friendly support team via email, online chat or telephone. Well trained professionals are always ready to help you with any problem, be it customization, maintenance or any other issue.

Why are lifetime updates so cool? Because you are always current with the latest changes and updates of the themes and framework. Being among the first users with access to the latest tools and updates released can provide you with a great commercial advantage.

Actually, Monstroid is a universal, constantly updating theme for building absolutely any kind of site, no matter what your level of experience is.

Just let this information sink in for a while and ask your questions or leave your feedback in the comment section.


Author’s Bio:

Helga Moreno is one of the ardent members of the friendly copywriters’ society. She has a very curious nature and a long list of topics waiting to be featured. She constantly researches in order not to miss a thing happening in the world of web design and development… Visit her Google+ account, she will be happy to add you to her circles.

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2 Thoughts on Meet Monstroid – a Web Design Monster You Should Not Be Afraid of
    Dean Ethridge
    5 Aug 2015
    9:03 AM

    Hi Helga, I’m having a hard time getting Monstroid to work. It keeps saying waiting for socket to load. I may have to make some changes at my hosting company but curious if you had any suggestions. Thanks for your post and this theme looks amazing. Can’t wait to figure it out.

      7 Aug 2015
      11:34 AM

      Hello Dean,

      I’m very sorry that you have this problem. The theme is not our product but it is kept in our website for its promotional purpose. That’s why, I am unable to suggest anything directly but here is the link of the theme author Please go to the link for the suggestions.

      Thank You!


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