How to make a cool blog website using Punte – free WordPress theme

Create Blog Website using Free WordPress Theme Punte

The use and growth of websites have increased in almost all the business sector. The availability of internet facility fascinates the global use of all the business site for own purpose.

It is a good idea to have a blog for business of all types and sizes. The blog allows the business to timely update any information about their product, services, and business plans and communicate with their customers. Not only that, but the businesses can also promote their products and services via blog by writing good content in and around the products / services and making the blog a core and very important part of digital marketing.

Non business can also start their own niche blogs out of their passion, interest and also for business and money making purpose. Some of the great niche blogs we see on the web these days are: fashion blogs, travel blogs, technology blogs etc.

WordPress is always the first choice for the creation of Blogging websites. It is so because the platforms itself is made primarily for blogging. It has a huge community, large number of free themes and plugins as well as large number of premium themes and plugins for different requirements and needs.

Today, here in this tutorial we will learn to Create a Cool Blog Website using WordPress and a Free theme called Punte blog from the basic.

What makes a Blog Website Better and more effective?

There is a factor of things that makes your blog website better and more effective. Some of them are:

  • Purpose of your blog
  • Design (theme) of the blog
  • Plugins used in the blog
  • Use of Proper Keyword
  • Growth of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Simple and Understandable Blog Content
  • Promotion.

You can easily create a blog website, but if those mentioned points aren’t taken into consideration, your blog may not run successfully. However, these are the things that come after you create a website.

How to Create your Cool Blog Website?

The idea of creating your own website might sound difficult to you, especially the one who are new and have never experienced creating a website. Not a big deal, just follow some couple of steps and Blog websites are no different than the others.

Purchase Suitable Hosting and Install WordPress

The first step for the creation of any kind of website is to purchase a domain and choose suitable Hosting if you’ve not done that already. Domain refers to the name that people type to get to your website (Example:, whereas web hosting is a type of internet hosting service that makes the website accessible via the World Wide Web.

As a first step, you must search for a provider that performs well in the WordPress platform. The one that we usually suggest to your user is SiteGround. It provides both the hosting and domain at a very low price ($4 per month).

SiteGround is usually the topmost preference of most of the bloggers new in this platform as it is cheap and also has high ratings in hosting reviews for WordPress.

After this, you will need to install WordPress. Follow our tutorial guide on How to Install WordPress.

This is the end of the first step.

Finding Perfect Blog Theme

The theme represents the layout of your website. So, it is one of the most important step. The appearance and overall outlook of the website depends upon the theme used.

There are hundreds of blog themes available in WordPress which you might find difficult to choose from. I would like to suggest you use to look for a good free WordPress blog theme in the beginning because good free themes are as good as the premium ones except for some of the premium features, but we can always upgrade to a premium theme once all blog is setup and if needed.

The newly released multipurpose theme Punte helps you to create a Cool Blog Website.

Punte is a great multipurpose WordPress Theme with great functionalities. The theme has a separate starter site ready to import in 1 click for blog layout. The blog layout of the theme has a lot of features specific to the blog and is a perfect choice for a blog site.

The theme is page builder ready, you can use Gutenberg, Elementor or any other page builders easily and work with the blocks. Punte blog is fast, well optimized, SEO friendly, and has many blog related features. So you can go for it!

Major Features of Punte – free WordPress theme:

  • Custom Header and Footer
  • 12+ Pre-Built Demos ready to import with a single click.
  • Fully compatible with all major page builder plugins(Elementor, WP Bakery Page Builder)
  • Compatible with WooCommerce plugins and ready to go with online stores.
  • Powerful Theme Options
  • Gutenberg Optimized
  • Free Elementor Add-on plugin
  • Responsive and Retina ready
  • High-Speed Performance
  • Free Lifetime Support and Updates

You might have a question that ‘Why Punte Theme for making a Cool Blog Website?’

Here is why Punte’s BLOG layout is the best fit for making a cool blog:

Punte Blog Home page:

If you closely look at the Home page layout of Punte’s Blog starter site, you’ll find a great list of features that makes your blog home page / landing page great. Some of them are:

  • Perfect header – with social media icons easily placed on the left, logo at the center and blog subscription button on the right. Clean menus are placed right below these items on full length.
  • Flyout author box / menu – you can see a cool designed flyout menu to display about the author of the blog. You can easily configure the content here from the backend.
  • Full screen search – which allows your website visitors to find any blogs or content in the site with a great search experience.
  • Banners / Featured posts – the theme gives you an option to feature a few posts in the banner area. The design of the banner is cool with the one main post being featured and 3 other posts being listed as slider thumbs on the right. Clicking on each such thumb will display the post image and title on the main slider.
  • Trending blogs and latest blogs panel – displaying some of the trending and latest posts on your blog’s homepage would be a great idea to connect quickly to the audience. So, Punte blog offers this great feature.
  • Footer panel – with widgets to display your blog info, blog categories, page links and some other useful links. This is followed by a last footer band with credit texts and social links.

All in all, the home page of Punte blog looks perfect to start your new blog or give a new look and design to your old blog. With this perfect home page layout any blogs like travel blog, product blog, food blog, beauty and tip blog, technology blog, fashion blog, gaming blog or any other blog!

Here is how Punte blog’s home page layout look like:

Punte WordPress Blog Theme

Punte Blog Archive (blog category) page:

A well designed blog also needs to have a well organized and well designed blog categories page (blog archive page). Punte blog is well aware of this and has provided you with a great blog category page. Some of the cool things on the blog category page are:

  • Blog listing with images – the category landing page or archive page or blog listing page is designed with nice layout in the Punte blog. Each listing item having a large blog image thumb, title and short description of the blog.
  • Breadcrumb – The page also has a breadcrumb – which helps for SEO purpose.
  • Easy pagination – The page also has a pagination to navigate through when there are more number of blogs.
  • Sidebar – with search panel, other widgets like latest posts, categories, archives etc.

Here is view of Punte blog’s archive page:

Punte Blog Category

Punte Blog Detail (blog single) page:

The most important page of your blog is the blog detail page which we can also call a post single page in WordPress term. Punte blog offers a well designed, optimized and engaging blog detail page, which can help you to increase readability of your blog and increase users engagement in the blog. Some of the features of Punte blog detail page are:

  • SEO optimized page, title and elements
  • Breadcrumb
  • Icon links to the author, published/edited date, category
  • Great looking author box
  • Easy navigation option to next/prev articles
  • Related posts display
  • Sidebar options

Here is view of Punte blog’s blog detail page:

Punte Theme - Blog Single Page


Well, so if you’re excited with blog specific features of Punte blog, let’s move ahead. At first, you need to have the theme on your website.

To install the theme on your website, follow our tutorial guide ‘How to Install WordPress Theme?

The first step after you have installed the Punte theme is to Setup it. For this, Click on Appearance>>Punte Setup.

Punte WordPress Theme Setup

As Punte is a multipurpose theme, it has numbers of demos. We need to choose Blog Website Demo.

You will land into the page where there’s an instruction of how you can complete creating a website in just 4 steps using Punte theme.

setting up the Punte theme

In order to install the demo, first, you need to install the Access Demo Importer Plugin. Click on Step 1 – See Demos.

Choose the option of Install and Activate

After you Install and Activate the Plugin, you will directly be headed to the page Import Demo page. Firstly, Import the Demo.

import the demo Punte theme

You will be asked to Install three different plugin to make sure the theme look exactly like the Demo. Here, it depends upon you if you would like these plugins on your website or not. As far as my suggestion, these plugins support for the better functioning of your website. It also adds better features, so you should Install.

The plugins are:

  • Elementor
  • Redux Framework
  • AP Companion

Install the plugin and click on Next Step.

You will be asked to backup your data if your website was already in use or had contents. Other than that choose Start Importing option, to make your website ready for the preview.

Importing blog demo Punte theme

After this, you can view your site.

The site appears something like this when you view it.

Now, you can go to Appearance>>Customize and start customizing your Cool Blog Website.

Getting Started

Getting started with the customization option, there appears the general settings and colours options and responsive of the website to customize.

Getting started with Punte WP Theme

In the general settings, you can enable the BreadCrumb and Back to Top option. BreadCrumbs refers to a specific website navigation technique that provides a trail for the user to follow back to the starting/entry point of a website. Whereas Back to Top option enable users to directly scroll up to the page.


You can customize the layout of your website. In the website layout option, select your website layout to be full width or boxed, then container width and the content/sidebar ration.

Layout Options - Punte Theme

In the sidebar layout option, you can choose the layout or appearance of sidebars in blog posts, other posts, pages, portfolio post, sidebar page and at the last in the 404 pages (error page). The layouts in each and every section appear as you have selected it to be in the customization option.


In the Header>>Header Style, choose the style of your header as given in the option to choose. Preview all of them and select the one which you think suits your website the most. Here, in the image below, I selected a random one to just show you an example.

multiple header layouts punte

Main Header

After you select your header style, it’s time to customize the heading fonts. Select the Header Background colour or the option of Transparent Header or not. Also, Upload the Logo of your website.

main header customization


Punte Theme allows you to create and choose the layout of Footer directly from the customization of the site.

footer setting punte theme


You can create and customize the Sidebar of your website directly from the customization option by using Punte Theme.
Simply choose the sidebar layout and it’s ready to display in the site.

Site Identity

Enter the Title and the Tag Line of your website. Add the Logo of your website and the icon that appears in your browser.

Social Links

Here comes the option of Social Links which is a must in most of the blog websites. The theme allows you to put the social link of different social media. Simply, keep the link and it is ready to display on your website.

Punte - Social Link Options


The blog simply refers to the posts published on your website. You can customize the blog by selecting the blog style. The content of the blog to show Full Content or the Show Expert, the number of words to display and the option of whether to display the name of author, date and category or not.

Blog style options Punte

Other Customizations

Like this, you can customize all the options as per your necessity in your website and the way you want to display it. The theme also has Additional CSS that allows you to add additional feature through coding in the website.

With things like customization of the menu, widgets, homepage setting is quite simple and can be done as per the way you want it to be.

Here you are done setting up your WordPress website.

Punte WordPress theme customization options

Blog Website publishes numbers of posts in a day. Thankfully Theme Punte is a Gutenberg Ready Theme that supports the smooth and fast functioning of the website.

Punte theme also has some of the most important features that you seek on any website like:

Modern Design

As you can view from the customization option of the website that the theme has a modern design option and layout suitable for your modern blog website. The overall customization options layouts, header, footer, the sidebar has beautiful designs to select from.

Readable and Clear Fonts

The fonts of the website are readable and simply presented in a simple text form. It helps the visitors understand the contents of your website and gives a silence presence to the eyes as it doesn’t use vibrant colors in the fonts.

Readable and Clear Fonts

Visible Blog Subscription Button

In order to keep your blog website going, you need a lot of visitors on your site. The visible Blog Subscription Button on the top of the homepage makes users informed that you can stay connected to the website by subscribing it. It also represents how concerned you are towards the visitors on your website too.

Visible Blog Subscription Button

Great Looking Fly-Out Panel to Display Author Bio

In most of the Blog website, there is the name of the authors who write or submit the post on the website. The Punte Theme displays a beautiful fly-out panel that Displays the Author Bio.

Display Author Bio

Easy Social Media Linking at the Header

The social media linking in a blog website is necessary to increase traffic on your site from various sources. The theme Punte displays social media linking at the header of the homepage and other pages. It is a visible place to let visitors know and connect to your social media sites.

Social Media Option - Punte WP Theme

Featured Blog as Banner and Other Featured Blog items as Slider Items

The theme Punte allows you to display a featured Blog in your Banner and other featured blog items as slider items. The Banners and Featured bogs can be the source of income to the earnings.

Featured Blog items as Slider Items

Auto Trending and Latest Blog Display

The theme allows you to showcase trending and the latest blog to display right on the homepage. The most trending posts allow visitors to know about the quality content and the latest post helps to grab the latest information.

Latest Blog Display

Categories Sticker on Each Blog Image

For all the posts you publish on your site, the Image has the categories sticker in it. It makes visitors easy to know about the category of the post directly by viewing the image of the post.

Categories Sticker

Full-Screen Search Image

The theme allows visitors to do a full-screen search Image on the website.

Full-Screen Search Image

Fully Responsive on all Devices

The website created from Punte theme is fully responsive in all of the websites. Either it is desktop, tablet or mobile phones.

Mobile Phone:

Punte WordPress Theme - Mobile View


This is what Punte Blog theme has to offer. It is all enough to create a simple and professional looking blogging website. But if you want more advanced features and functionalities for your blog website, here we have few plugin recommendation.

If you are a newbie and need help on installing a WordPress plugin, you can follow our tutorial on ‘How to Install WordPress Plugin?’

Recommended FREE WordPress Plugins for Blogging website

Ultimate Author Box

Ultimate Author Box WordPress Plugin

Punte blog theme already comes with a feature to add author box on single post page from WordPress user profile management system. But if you want to display the author box in a stylish way, you can integrate Ultimate Author Box plugin with Punte theme. This plugin allows you to display author details along with latest posts of the author or more details, social feed, contact form in tabs. It has got 5 predesigned fancy author box templates and unlimited color options. Also, the plugin is shortcode ready so you can display author box anywhere on your post.

Get the plugin

WP Comment Designer Lite

WP Comment Designer Lite

Punte comes with the default WordPress comment display and comment form. Adding WP Comment Designer you can completely change the appearance of the comments and comment form on your blog website. The plugin comes with 4 beautiful pre-designed templates for displaying the comments and comment form. You can show/hide comment replies, show/hide total comment count, enable basic comment like and dislike features and so on.

Get the plugin

WP Blog Manager Lite

WP Blog Manager Lite

WP Blog Manager Lite is all you need to design your WordPress blog website. With this plugin you can create stunning single page or post or archive page as it comes with loads of styling options. It allows you to create unlimited number of blogs, sort post from all possible taxonomies or categories, sort retrieved posts from order and order parameters. It has got 7 different templates to show the blogs in unique styles: 3 grid templates, 2 list template and 2 slider template.

Get the plugin

AccessPress Social Share

AccessPress Social Share WordPress Plugin

This plugin allows anyone to share your posts or pages on major social medias like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and so on. Besides, it has an option to share it by email or print the page. The plugin helps you to increase reach. It has 5 beautiful themes available, you can choose any one of your choice and display it anywhere by using the shortcode.

Get the plugin

FAuto Poster and TAuto Poster

FAuto Poster - Facebook Auto Post Plugin

Social media promotion is key way to increase traffic on blogging sites. FAuto Poster and TAuto Poster are two different plugins that lets you auto post all your blog content to Facebook and Twitter respectively.The process is fully automated, you don’t have to worry about promoting the post on Facebook and Twitter anymore. Once you hit the publish or update button, your post is on your assigned FB profile/page and Twitter. For this,all you have to do is install the plugins, configure the details of the FB page/profile and Twitter account where you want to post.

Get FAuto Poster Plugin              Get TAuto Poster Plugin

Alright, after reading this long if you wish to make your blog using Punte blog – get the theme below!

Download Punte

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