Introducing Unicon Lite – Free WordPress Corporate / Business Responsive Theme

Introducing Unicon Lite - Free WordPress Corporate / Business Responsive Theme


Having a website is compulsory for any business. It not only helps you to build the online reputation but also helps in the growth of the sales. Your website takes your business from your locality to huge global market with millions of prospective customers. Your customers can easily find you and reach you. You can even build an online store on your site and start selling products and services online. Online payment processing has enabled to collect the money from the bank of your customers to your bank account without any hassle.

After making the decision to build a website for your business, next part is choosing right CMS with elegant, clean-coded and feature rich theme. WordPress, open source CMS powering about 26% of the total web, is undoubtedly the best choice. What confuses you a lot is choosing best WordPress business theme for your website. There are thousands of free and premium themes available in the market. Finding the right one which meets your all requirements is really a daunting task.

I recommend you to prepare the detailed plan about your future website before searching for the theme. Doing this will bring clarity what exact features you should look for in the business themes. Here, I’m introducing Unicon Lite, a free WordPress corporate/business theme. Check out its features. I’m sure Unicon Lite has everything that you may be looking for in your business theme.

So, let’s begin.

Major features of Unicon Lite

Unicon Lite is the creative theme which can be used to build a business website, photography website, personal blogs or any other website as per your need. As it has been made focusing the need of business organization, it has all features which you need to build your business website.

Introducing Unicon Lite - Free WordPress Corporate / Business Responsive Theme

Fully built on Customizer

Setting up Unicon Lite is very easy as it is fully built on Customizer. You can build your website with live preview. Every section of your homepage can be configured from Customizer. All you have to do is, create a blank page with ‘Front page’ template and choose it as your static front page. You can feel free to do every test with your content. Your changes are saved only when you hit ‘Save & Publish’ button of the customizer.

Customizer - Unicon Lite feature

You can build attractive header with a banner image. With title, description, and buttons, your header can work as the powerful call to action section helping you to grow your sales or take your audience to other landing pages.

Highly configurable home page

You certainly want to have a very powerful homepage which gives the clear insight about your business to your audience. With Unicon Lite, you can configure your homepage with several sections as per your need. Such sections can be enabled/disabled and fully customized from the live customizer.

There are 11 sections for your homepage.

  • About Section – Introduce yourself or your company with attractive about section.
  • Our Services Section – Present all the services on the eye catching service section. Make it easier for your prospective clients to reach on the page of respective service.
  • Success Graph Section – If your company already has the good reputation with brilliant success story, present it on the elegant success graph section.
  • Counter Section –  Show the data related to your company on the counter section.
  • Our Team Section – Showing your team to your prospective clients makes your company more credible. Our team section presents your team in a brilliant way.
  • Full-Width Background Video – This section helps you to show full-width background video to your audience. Intro video of your company best fits here.
  • Recent Portfolio – Powerful portfolios of recent portfolio section certainly helps you to grow conversion rate.
  • Our Partners Logo –  How about showcasing your partners’ logo in Our Partners Logo section? This section has the title, description, and places for the logo of your major partners with parallax background.
  • Call To Action –  Unicon Lite has an appealing call to action section with title, subtitle, attractive buttons with parallax background.
  • Recent Blogs Section –  Display the most recent posts on your blog from this section.
  • Footer Section –  Footer section has been widgetized. It supports 4 widgets. You can keep most important links, subscription form and any other valuable thing in these widgets.

Our Services - Feature of Unicon Lite

First 10 sections can be customized from the Homepage Setting of Customizer menu. Footer section is widgetized with the ability to support 4 widgets. You can set up footer section from Widgets menu.

Multiple layouts

You certainly would appreciate the flexibility of Unicon Lite. This theme has 4 different layouts for your pages and posts. You can choose to keep sidebar on any side of your page and completely remove it. Four layouts available for you are:

  • Content with right sidebar
  • Content with left sidebar
  • Boxed
  • Fullwidth

Fully Responsive

You may have already realized that most of the people use internet from their mobile and tablets in these days. Building separate website involves tedious and expensive server configuration. Why build the separate website, when a single website looks brilliant on all devices.

With Unicon Lite, your audience can view your website from any device without any problem. This theme has been built considering the viewport on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop.

Fully responsive - Feature of Unicon Lite


Background configuration

You can choose the background color of the website as per your branding plan. In the customizer, go to General Settings menu and then to Themes Colors to choose a background color. If you would like background image instead, you can choose one from Background Image menu under General Settings.

Online Support

Setting up the theme can become really tough as every theme have unique configurations model. Understanding this complexity, we have are providing online customer support. You can chat with our customer support team in office hours. Or email us with your query.


Wrapping Up

Unicon Lite is truly very powerful and feature-rich WordPress business theme. You get several features like success graph and the counter section which are generally available in the premium themes only. Undoubtedly, no other free themes can beat the features that you get in Unicon Lite.

If you are thinking about starting a website for your business, Unicon Lite is the best choice. You should have already realized it after studying the powerful features of Unicon Lite theme.

Need more help in understanding this theme better? Or do you have any question regarding Unicon Lite? Let us know about it by dropping a comment on the comment box below. Our customer service team is always eager to help you.

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