Introducing Enlighten – Free Education WordPress Theme

Introducing Enlighten - Free Education WordPress Theme


Having a website is very important for school, college, university or any educational institution. The website becomes the best place for connecting with the students and staffs of the institution. Besides, it helps your prospective students to get crucial information about your institution regarding the courses available, admission details, contact information, and much more.

Your website needs to be attractive, clean-coded (for SEO perspective) and have layout best serving the need of the audience. For this, you need to have the theme designed and developed in accordance with such requirement. Here, I’m introducing ‘Enlighten’ which is free education WordPress theme.

Enlighten is responsive Free WordPress theme which is ideal for school, colleges or any educational institution. It is fully customizer based these because of which you can setup your website easily from the customizer panel with live preview. It comes with homepage slider, multiple menu option, service section, latest news and twitter feed section and much more which makes this theme good enough to be used for any business website as well.

Major Features of Enlighten

Fully customizer based

Setting up the theme for the first time can be a headache. BUT with Enlighten, this is very simple and comfortable as it is fully customizer based. You can have live preview while customizing the theme. Every section of the homepage can be customized from customizer. Widgets and almost all other settings can be set from the customizer. This way, Enlighten lightens your work for theme setup.

Elegant Homepage sliders

Homepage slider is the very powerful feature to attract your audience and deliver your message in the clear and powerful way. Enlighten allows you to create homepage sliders effectively. That too just by creating posts with the featured image. Create some posts with featured image in a specific category and then assign that category to the Homepage Slider from the Customizer. The homepage of your website will immediately show them in the slider form.

Homepage Slider - Enlighten

Custom Header Options

The header of your website can be completely customized, that too from the customizer. You can add header text, header social icons and the contact information of the institution. Besides, the menu can be completely controlled. The menu can be aligned left, center or right as per your need.This way your audience can get all the basic information about your institute right from the header of the site.

Truly Responsive Education theme

These days, most of your audience visit your website from the mobile devices. So, your website should look brilliant from the small screen of the mobile phones and tablets as well. Enlighten has addressed it well as the 100% responsive education theme. Your website looks great from any devices.

Powerful homepage sections

Enlighten has 10 sections for your website. Each section can be turned off or on and completely customized from the customizer. Let me go through each section crafted for your website.

Slider section

As described above as well, you can have attractive and powerful slider section in your homepage. It appears just after the header. Slider section gets the required data from the specific post category you set for it.

News Slide section

Has your institution been featured in the news? Let your audience know about it from the news slide section, With slider effect, you can show several news links effectively by consuming less space. Title and 1 line description appear in the slider which on clicking leads your audience to the news related post for further reading.

news section - Enlighten

Portfolio section

Showcase the courses or services offered by your institution in the attractive carousel effect. Carousel of service section is touch-friendly so that your audience using touch devices (mobile, tablets and hybrid laptops) can navigate to other courses or services with slide motion on their touch screen. With on-hover animation effects, services are more interactive and attractive.

Service section

Your institution may be providing services like transportation, field research, etc. You can present them from this section.

Counter section

Presenting the numerical data with counter effect is immensely eye-catching. Your audience can easily understand the data which helps you grow conversion rate. You can place 4 counters with icon or image of your choice. You can turn on or off and customize it from customizer.

Counter section - Enlighten

Video Section

This section allows you to put video background which certainly will be more interactive thus convincing for your audience. Just go to Video section under Home Settings menu of the customizer and input subtitle, title and link to the video on youtube. Your video section is ready with the attractive look.

Call to Action section

Just below the Video section, you can have Called to Action section. This section will have CTA title, CTA post to which the button should lead to and the clickable button. Due to its position also, this call to action section is very powerful for lead generation.

FAQ & Testimonial section

FAQ section with accordion consumes less space and but gives the answer to the frequently asked questions effectively. Data for the accordions are retrieved from the posts of the specific category. So, it’s very easy to configure as well.

FAQ and Testimonial section - Enlighten

Next to the FAQ section, you can have testimonial section. Testimonials work as the recommendations. They are always the powerful way to motivate and convince your prospective students. Enlighten allows you to show the testimonial on your homepage with carousel effect. Posts of specific category appear as testimonials in testimonial section.

News Twitter Message section

You can deliver the news or message to your audience from this section. The news appears with the featured image. News heading, image and Read more button link to the news post. Next to the news section, there is twitter section. This section is controlled from the widget. So, you need to install related Twitter feed plugin which provides Twitter feed widget to use this feature.

Client section

You can showcase the logos of all your clients or partners from this section. This may help you for showing your reputation in the community of industry.

Clients section- Enlighten

Sidebar options

You have multiple options for the sidebar. You can have a sidebar on the left side, right side, both sides or totally no sidebar. You can organize the sidebar with cool widgets.

Online Support

If you get any problem related to the theme, you can contact our customer support representative using live chat on our website. Our support team is always eager to help you in any issues.

Support - Enlighten theme



Wrapping Up

Enlighten is really feature-rich WordPress Education theme. With Enlighten, you are getting several features which are only normally available in the Premium themes only. So, using Enlighten for the website of your school, college, university or any educational institution is always a good idea.
Besides, Enlighten can be used for the website of any business organization as well.

If you have any query or suggestion about this theme, please let us know from the below comment box. Our development, sales and customer support team is always eager to hear from you.

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