How to Improve Customer Retention on Your WordPress Site?


No matter how many efforts you have made in making a website, it is of no use if the users do not find it appealing. If the visitors are leaving you in few seconds, there must be something lacking in your side. Either the design is not so impressive or content is not worthy to the readers for what they are looking. Tough and complex navigation is also a negative factor which kills user’s time and minimizes their interest towards you.

Your motto of running a website fulfills when you see that a good amount of engagement reaches you and stays for a fair time. AN engaging website is the soul of driving more traffic to your site.If you are creating a WordPress site, there are so many features you can add to make it alluring and reader’s favourite. Your customer is the bread and butter of your brand. They correlate with your trademark search and a happy customer is every business’s goal.

User engagement can be a cup of cake if few of the factors are keenly observed and reframed in a better way.

Use WordPress Plugins Effectively

WordPress Plugins are a great medium to extend functionality and add certain features to a WordPress site. They just have to be installed to the site from the admin area without knowing much programming tactics.

There are variety of plugins available for WordPress which you can use as per your specific need.

SEO plugin– WordPress site visits can be increased by using a SEO plugin, like Yoast which helps in optimizing search engine rankings.


WP SubscribeWP Subscribe brings immense email subscribers to your WordPress website. Here, you get an email list with you and now you are less dependent on external sources of traffic. Moreover, you have sufficient options to interact with your blog’s audience, which will certainly boost your business.


Shareaholic– This WordPress Plugin offers social media sharing buttons and related content blocks. Shareaholic basically shares the counters for media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Users will love to connect with you on these platforms and a vast online reach of your business is a good sign.


Testimonials Widget– This plugin is used to add testimonials to your site that will help to establish trust and social proof with your visitors. Testimonials Widget, in turn, increase credibility and encourage endorsement.


Yuzo– It is a minimalist design plugin with so many embedded features to provide enhanced functionality. Yuzo has a basic use to insert related posts directly into the new articles. It has over 50+ varied design options to offer. Related posts can be displayed as a widget for easy navigation. Moreover, it is one of the fastest plugin which puts less load on PC.


Starbox– Author biography gives a nice impression to the readers reaching to your blog, and approves that what you have posted is genuine. Starbox allows you to add author biography to each post and page, which you can place on the bottom or top of the page.


Video Gallery– Embedding images and videos to your home page makes your site look more interactive. Moreover, it lets the users know more about your products and services. Video Gallery plugin is designed to present your videos through channels like Youtube and Vimeo in an impressive way.


WP Google Maps– Creating Google Maps is a good habit to locate yourself with clarity. WP Google Maps creates custom Google Map which contains descriptions, images, links and locations.


Content Must be Well Organized

Content is, the soul of your website and readers make a strong belief about you from the very first impression they get after reaching you. Thus, polishing the stuff thoroughly before making it live on your WordPress site is the must for better results.

Below checklist can be scrutinized and necessary changes can be made as per the need:

  • Content must be really impressive so that the users will love to spend time.
  • It needs to be relevant as well and should serve the readers with their exact requirements, along with the beautiful presentation.
  • The design should look decent and professional, as it is the first impression which anyone makes after reaching you.
  • The layout must be kept consistent for each page.
  • Long posts must be divided into small sections for better readability and to achieve a maximum stay of users. The major issue with posts having large content is that users get tired in between or miss the notion from where the post has been started.

Effective Use of Keywords

Although you have written a pretty good content, but if it’s not visible within SERP, then your website is more like a dumb terminal. It is not going to benefit you without a good web presence. This causes the need of using effective keywords with which you are expecting users to search your website. These words must be included in the title of the post and also within the website content.

If you are finding it tough to think of relevant keyword ideas, there are tools like Moz, UberSuggest, WordTracker, and Keyword Tool Planner which you can use. They give suggestions for the related keywords which other similar niche websites possess.

Allow Interlinking for Better Suggestion to Users

You can insert links to related blog posts of your own WordPress site to let the users know more about a topic. It is of great help to those who are reaching you for the very first time with no idea of navigation used on the site. So, by clicking on related posts, they can move to one more page or link of the site which is not yet discovered.

This can be done either with a hyperlink and relevant anchor text within the content or by giving a sidebar at the bottom or right side of the post. From there, users can reach to your other posts with the same subject line.

Use Google AdWords Remarketing Ads

You can recapture visitors that have been to your website using Google AdWords remarketing ads. These are banner ads that will serve up to previous visitors of your website after they are tagged with a cookie (a commonly used tracking file). These display ads will appear over millions of other websites these potential customers visit. Websites like, ESPN, and even Gmail. The result is that your brand stays top of mind for days or months after they have left your website. This can be a powerful strategy to try yourself, but we recommend working with a PPC management company to really execute this strategy well, with advanced segmentation based on what areas of your site they have visited.

Perform Guest Blogging

Guest post written by professional writers is an intelligent way to create superior quality content. Such writing highlights a different perspective about a topic and gives birth to something interesting and out of the box. People might have the same thought earlier as well, but it cannot be expressed in the way an author can.

Another benefit which runs in parallel is the wide scope of bloggers. They can spread your WordPress site endlessly over the web.

Social Media Sharing


It is obvious that trust comes by default if a reader finds your name frequently in various places. Social media is a wide communication platform where you can promote your business by sharing links related to the services you offer. You can share your posts, videos, presentations, relevant images, and other informative content which certainly boost your business with increased traffic. Users reach to your site by clicking the links shared through various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. This will certainly enhance user engagement of your business.

Focus on Mobile Traffic

One of the major advantages of using WordPress CMS is that its themes are mobile friendly. This feature is a milestone in terms of good ranking as Google is now giving preference to the mobile friendly sites. But, merely building a mobile site is not enough if it does not work properly. Cutting unnecessary elements is crucial for a flawless run of your site. You can eliminate unnecessary ads, graphics, and sidebars which can restrict the site from loading quickly. Also, make sure that contact forms, opt-in forms, and calls to action are working fine on a mobile platform.

Reduce Site Weight to Run it Fast

Page speed is one more important Google ranking factor, which has started in consideration of the visitors. No visitor has the time to wait for your site to run. No matter how fine it is structured with superior content, user engagement will definitely go to degrade for a slow site. Make sure you also choose a web host that supports your needs.

Keep Frequent Check on Analytics Data

It is important to work on Analytics to look for the pitfalls of your WordPress site which can restrict a user from staying longer on your website. It gives you a thorough knowledge about which page is lacking something and even one which possesses good traffic. Analyzing the same and working over respective improvement areas can offer outstanding results in a short interval of time.


For any business owner, the main aim is to grab as many potential customers as possible. Anything would not be left, which can restrict a user from holding at your website. It may be slow page speed, not so good content, dull design, low web presence, and many more related factors. Following the measures discussed so far in this post will certainly help in improving the customer engagement in a fair amount.

WordPress, being a full fledged CMS is being used by a noticeable number of users. From mere blogging, it becomes an efficient tool for building a complete website with all the required customization. There are so many plugins which it possesses, and by using them, you can minimize the factors which are blocking the customer engagement and their long retention. Apart from this, following other site improvement methods as well will surely work in boosting your business up.

Author Bio: David Meyer is an experienced WordPress Developer working with CSSChopper – a prominent WordPress development company. With a great expertise in handling basic to large, complex projects, he has a great love for WordPress. He regularly writes about recent innovations occurring in WordPress and shares significant knowledge about the domain with the readers worldwide.

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