How to create gallery short-codes in WordPress?

Shortcodes – WordPress Code Snippets which can be used in Pages, Post and Post Types. WordPress image gallery feature doesn’t seem to be common knowledge, even though it is very simple and easy to use.

Following are the stepwise process with screenshots to create Gallery with shortcodes:
If are writing a post and you want to include an image gallery in it, follow the steps

  • Log in to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Add a new post (Enter Title and Description)
  • Click on add Media.

mediaIf you haven’t uploaded images yet, then click on upload  or you can also drag and drop those images into the Upload box from your computer. If you’ve already  uploaded images to your WordPress website, you will see the “Media Library” section selected by default.

  • Click on Create gallery in the left top side of the editor.


  • Select the images that you want to set in a gallery
  • In Link To option > Select Media File from drop down menu
  • In Columns option, select no. of column that you want to display in a gallery
  • Select Random Order to display image in random order
  • Now click on Insert gallery button


  • You will, then, see a code in the post editor.


You’ve already created your Gallery post and have added your images. Now to make use of those images with the use of the Gallery Shortcode.

You can simply add that Gallery shortcode into  a Page, Portfolio, Post or Blog Post.You can add the code either in the text or the Visual tab of post editor and it will automatically display the images you uploaded.


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