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How to Create a Education Website Using Bingle WordPress Theme

How to make a education website using Bingle

All the educational institutions need to have their website to reach out to their potential audience. The online presence of institutions will help to promote your schools, provide the information of their institutions, courses they are providing, and the educational environment they have. The online presence helps in having an alternative to physical learning through online courses. In today’s world, having an online school website has become crucial and being popular too.

To elaborate more on what ways educational website assists to grow your institutions are:

  • The first and foremost reason to have an online presence is to reach a greater number of targeted audiences. It is directly linked with the growth of your educational institutions.
  • The online presence helps to promote the educational courses you are offering and provide learning opportunities. It adds to the overall publicity of the institutions.
  • The online course can attract those individuals who are unable to take regular classes.
  • The information regarding the faculties, learning environment, facilities of your institutions, achievements, upcoming events, pricing of the courses, and the core team members displaying can help the audience to have overall first impressions regarding your educational institutions.

Knowing all the importance of having an online presence, you might be in a dilemma about which platform is best and how to proceed. No need to worry, in this article we will be providing insight on how you can build an educational website ready using one of the free WordPress Themes – Bingle.

Among the various platform available, WordPress is the best platform for maintaining a website of educational institutions. You can choose suitable free WordPress themes or premium WordPress Themes with some powerful plugins to get your educational website up and running. There are numerous free themes available at Among them, we are using the Bingle theme for an educational website.

At first, let’s dive into what the Bingle theme has to offer.

Bingle – Free WordPress Theme

bingle free wordpress theme

Bingle is a highly customizable theme with all modern and professional-looking features. It is targeted for a wide range of websites such as law, minimal, business, single app, education, gym, blog, dental, and more. There are 11 starter websites in Bingle. How cool is that? Not to forget all these starter websites are built to meet the modern requirements of the websites.
The header and footer are highly customizable with the 10 preset header and 3 preset footer options. Along with that, it has inner page options, a one-click demo installer, responsive designs, SEO optimization, and a higher speed score.

Full features of Bingle:

  • Elementor based Free yet versatile customizer theme
  • 11+ starter websites ready to install
  • 10 preset layouts on your header or build one on your own using the header builder
  • 3 footer layout with the builder
  • With a single click from the setup screen clone the content of the demo site
  • Lightweight, flexible and responsive design

Let’s Get Started

1. Choose suitable hosting and install WordPress

The domain shows the custom address for your website so you need to purchase the domain in the first place and choose the suitable hosting. It is always better to keep the domain short and easy to access so that users can identify your website easily.

Now while going for web hosting, it should be chosen carefully as it plays a role in SEO and sales improvement. You can go for affordable and popular web hosting available in the market for WordPress. For instance, you can go for HostGator, one of the leading names in web hosting services. They are providing services to over 200 countries since 2002. They guarantee 99.9% uptime, free SSL certificate, easy WordPress Installs, and a free domain for a year. You can get the services starting at only $2.75 per month. The price differs as per the hosting plan. The hosting services such as shared hosting, website builder, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting are provided by Host Gator.

Afterward, go on for installing WordPress.

2. Get Bingle free WordPress Theme for educational website

As we have discussed earlier, now I guess you have an idea why Bingle is worth trying. The modern and professional-looking theme has all the features that you require to build an education website. As the theme is liked and praised by many in a short span of time, we also recommend you to give it a shot. Among the 11 starter sites, we are going with an education starter site to build an educational-based website.

Bingle Education Home Page:



3. Install the Bingle WordPress Theme

After you have decided on choosing the Bingle WordPress Theme, the next step is to install and active the Bingle theme on your dashboard. Go to Appearance>>Theme, Select Bingle, and Activate the theme.

Once you have activated the theme, select Appearance>>Bingle setup then, you land on to Welcome page of Bingle where the detail of the theme is provided. The step-wise guidelines are also provided in the Getting started section. As we are choosing one of the starter websites, go to the Import Demo section.


Choose the education starter website and click on the import button. Before importing the starter site, you can also have a preview of how your site actually looks when it is ready.

Now, you are required to activate the required plugins AP Companion, Contact Form 7, and Elementor to obtain the starter website similar to the ones you have seen in the demo.


Click on Next Step, now you can select what you want to import and click on Start Importing.


Once all the data are imported, you are done with the installations and you can view the site.


Now, you can see the site looks the exact same as seen in the demo.

Bingle Home

After visiting the site, you can now move forward with the customization. Click on Appearance>>Customize.


When you click on the customize option, you can see the options such as General Panel, Header Settings, Header Elements, Footer Settings, Footer Elements, Inner Pages Panel, Menus, Widgets, Additional CSS,  and Export/Import. You can go on customizing one by one.


Under the General Panel, there are three options to configure: Colors, Background Image, and Homepage Settings.


Through the Colors option, you get to change the background colors.

Background Image lets you change the image of the background.

Homepage Settings lets you set the homepage. You can choose between the latest posts and the static page as a homepage. Also, add the new page and post page.


Moving to the Header Settings option, there are options to customize the header layouts, top header designs, main header design, bottom header design, and header background image. You can go through each section and customize it as per the requirements.

Let’s explore the Header Elements option.


This section lets you customize the site identity, primary menu, search section, side menu icon, header address, header email, header phone, header social, header button, and custom Html or shortcodes. You can go on customizing one after the other.

At the Footer Settings, there are options of Footer Layouts, Top, and main Footer design options. 


The footer layouts have three different layouts to choose from. You can go with any options that suit you.

The top footer designs section helps you to select the wrapper width. You can adjust the background color of the top footer along with the margin and padding.

The main footer also has similar options as the top footer which can be built as per your preferences.

Moving forward to Footer Elements.


You can see Footer Menu, Footer Copyright, and Footer Social options.

The width of the Footer Menu and Footer Menu Items can be adjusted. You can adjust the location of the Primary menu with the desired locations of the particular Menu.

Footer Copyright help in choosing Footer Copyright width and add Footer Copyright Text.

Footer Social Options offer you to manage Footer Social Items. Go on adding links and social icons at the desired header or footer section.

Inner Page customization options

There are two setting options: Blog/Archive Settings and Single Page/Post Settings.


Blog/Archive Settings

In this section, you can select the Wrapper Style, size of the blog container width, blog/archive sidebar style, the bog content width, post style, archive excerpt length, post elements order (Title &Meta, Thumbnail, Excerpt & Read More). Also, there is the option to order Meta Elements (Author and Date).

Single Page/Post Settings

This section lets you choose the single container wrapper style, post container width, post sidebar style, post content width, and order single post elements (title 7 Meta, Thumbnail, content, tags, post navigation, and comments).

Other Customization Options

Menus, Widgets, Additional CSS, and Export/Import are the other customization options available.

Menus – You can set Primary Menu at Footer and reorder and add new menus.

Widgets – These options offer you to customize Sidebar and Bingle Side Menu Contents.

You can customize Additional CSS and directly import and export the files and images.


Recommended Free Plugins for an Education Website

WordPress Frontend Post Plugin – AccessPress Anonymous Post

AccessPress Anonymous Post

The AccessPress Anonymous Post is a free WordPress Frontend Post plugin. This plugin helps your audience to submit any queries and feedback from a Frontend as a logged-in user or not logged in user. When the audience completes the submission, there is an email notification to the admin email. This will help you to respond to the inquiry of your audience on time and never miss out on their requirements. The impression of the institutions improves among the site visitors and the visitors turning into customers is of high chance.

Easiest Contact Form for WordPress – AP Contact Form

AP Contact form

This free plugin will help you to integrate the contact form on your website easily. The contact form will let your audience apply for the course, to have inquiries on the available facilities, faculties, or to be a part of upcoming events and so on. This form also helps in gathering the information of visitors of your site and collection of the data might help in forming the next strategy based on the audience demand.

Responsive popup plugin for WordPress – WP Popup Lite


The WP popup lite enhances your website’s usability. Using this plugin, you can connect to the visitors, display if you are offering a new facility or discount going on institutions or in a specific course, also helps to notify the visitors. If you wish to have popup banners on multiple pages, it is also easier with this plugin. On top of all, there are 13 pre-design templates to choose or you can also customize your own too.

Download Bingle

If you require more unique functionalities, you can always upgrade to a premium version of the theme.

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