How to create a beautiful Coming Soon Landing Page on your WordPress website? (Step by Step Guide)

How to create a beautiful Coming Soon Landing Page on your WordPress website? (Step by Step Guide)
How to create a beautiful Coming Soon Landing Page on your WordPress website? (Step by Step Guide)

So you have made the decision to launch a new website. The first few things you will do is choose a hosting solution and order your new domain name. After that, you will start setting up everything up and get your site ready to launch. On that time, while you are still working on your site for getting it ready, adding an attractive coming soon page will be a great step to generate pre-launch buzz. If you get this phase right, you can attract lots of traffic even before your site is live.

If you are using WordPress as your website’s platform then, there are plenty of ways to implement a coming soon landing page on your website. Among all of them, the simplest and most versatile method for adding the coming soon page is by using a WordPress plugin such as Everest Coming Soon. Here, in this article, we will discuss why should you consider creating a coming soon page on your new site and will provide you a short step by step tutorial to set up a coming soon page.

What is a coming soon page and why do you need it?

A coming soon page is a placeholder that appears on your website while it is still being developed. It generally consists of a single page layout that informs your visitors that the site is not live yet. Many webmasters use this page for various purposes and branding. Here are some of the reason what you can do on a coming soon landing page. You can:

  • Create pre-launch hype of your soon to be launching WordPress website
  • Provide some key information to your audience about your site
  • Add email subscription form to increase your email subscribers
  • Add Social Media Icon Links to increase the social media followers of your brand
  • Get a head start on the SEO of your Site
  • Place a countdown timer let your visitor know when your site is going to launch

How to Create a beautiful Coming Soon Page using WordPress plugin?

Now we will show you how to create a beautiful coming soon landing page on your WordPress website by using a WordPress Coming Soon Plugin. The plugin we are going to use for this step by step tutorial is Everest Coming Soon – an ultimate Coming Soon, Maintenance Mode Plugin for WordPress website. So, let’s get started:

Everest Coming Soon: Brief Introduction

Best Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Plugin for WordPress: Everest Coming Soon
Best Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Plugin for WordPress: Everest Coming Soon

Everest Coming Soon is a premium WordPress plugin for creating a beautiful landing page to your newly planned to launch WordPress website. It contains responsive designs and easy to use configuration options to design and add an eye-catching coming soon landing page in minutes. Moreover, after your site has been launched this plugin can be used to create a maintenance mode page as well. The maintenance mode page will be displayed whenever your site is down due to some upgrading or from some technical issues.

Some of the Great Features of Everest Coming Soon

  • 15 Interactive Coming Soon, Maintenance Mode Templates
  • Subscription Form Integrated with Backend Listings of Subscribers
  • Integrated with 13 Most Popular Social Media Networks
  • Customizable Background Configuration for Each Template
  • Enable/Disable Maintenance Mode for Various User Roles
  • Search Engine Crawling

Full Details and Features Everest Coming Soon Plugin

Installation and Activation

Purchase the Everest Coming Soon plugin from CodeCanyon marketplace at a reasonable price of $15. After you have purchased the plugin, install it and then activate it. If you have any difficulty while installing the plugin, you can check out the article: How to install a new plugin in WordPress website?

Adding Coming Soon Landing Page Using Everest Coming Soon Plugin

After you have successfully activated the plugin, you will see “Everest Coming Soon” on the left menu of your WordPress dashboard. Click on it.

You will land on the settings page. The settings page consists of 4 different section to customize your coming soon landing page. They are:

General Settings

From the general settings, you can set the title of your maintenance mode/coming soon page, google analytics to track your visitors, meta tag name, meta tag content, and favicons. Besides, this section also contains enable/disable option for hiding your site from the search engine. Moreover, you can also enable/disable maintenance mode for various user roles.

Everest Coming Soon: General-settings
Everest Coming Soon: General-settings

Template Settings

The templates settings will let you choose the template for your maintenance mode/coming soon page. The plugin will provide you with 15 pre-designed templates. So, choose any of them as per your preference. Also, each theme consists of the option to customize the background image.

Everest Coming Soon: Template Settings
Everest Coming Soon: Template Settings

Component Settings

Everest Coming Soon plugin consists of 11 different components for maintenance mode page. You can configure each of the components that contain various configuration options to create an attractive landing page.

Everest Coming Soon: Components Settings
Everest Coming Soon: Components Settings

After you have done all the configuration and customization save it. Then go to the general settings page and then, enable your maintenance mode page whenever you require it to do so.

Wrapping Up

In this way, you can setup a coming soon page on your WordPress website using a WordPress plugin. Coming Soon landing page can be a helpful in different ways even before starting the site. So, if you are interested on add a coming soon page for your newly planned to launch WordPress website then, you can purchase the above mentioned plugin and follow this tutorial.

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