How to add Mega Menu in WordPress website – for better and effective navigation (Step by step guide)

How to add mega menu in a WordPress website
How to add mega menu in a WordPress website

If you’re wondering how to add mega menu in to WordPress website – lets start with this step by step tutorial. Before we start a few things about how mega menu can make your website’s navigation better and effective. Upgrading your inbuilt WordPress menu into a mega menu can be beneficial in many ways. It lets you add all the important links of your WordPress website and display them to your audience in an elegant and visually appealing way. Besides, you can also add rich media like images and videos on the mega menu that can enhance the engagement rate of your website. High engagement rate means there is a higher chance of converting them into the click-throughs and leads. Hence, a well designed mega menu can boost the conversion rate of your WordPress website.

Mega Menu, being one of the important elements of any type WordPress website comes inbuilt and integrated on different premium WordPress themes like Avada, Be themeVMagazine, Swing, Parallaxsome Pro, etc. However, if your WordPress template does not have an inbuilt mega menu then you can add it using one of the great WordPress Mega Menu Plugins that can be found on the internet.

Today in this article we will show you how to add a beautiful mega menu on your WordPress website using a free plugin – AP Mega Menu.

AP Mega Menu: Brief Description

Mega Menu Plugin for WordPress – AP Mega Menu
Mega Menu Plugin for WordPress – AP Mega Menu

AP Mega Menu is one of the most popular and downloaded WordPress plugin that can be found in repository. It comes with flexible design and easy to use configuration and customization options for upgrading your inbuilt menu into a multidimensional mega menu.

Great Features of AP Mega Menu Plugin

  • Supports Flyout or Mega Menu sub-menu styles
  • Widgetized Mega Menu with Visual Builder Drag and Drop Position Method
  • 8 Pre Available Skins or Custom Template Designs for Mega Menu/Flyout Menus
  • Mega Menu with horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Fade or Slide Transitions
  • Hover or Click Trigger Effect to Open Menus
  • Menu Icon Settings
  • Custom Settings Options to display featured image or default custom image

Installation and Activation: AP Mega Menu

AP Mega Menu can be downloaded from the WordPress repository for free of cost.

After you download the plugin, you can install it on your WordPress website. If you need any help regarding the installation of the plugin, you can check the documentation.

Also, if you are new to WordPress and want to learn how to install a plugin in WordPress then check out: How to install a new plugin in a WordPress website?

Configuration: AP Mega Menu

After you successfully install and activate the plugin, you will see “AP Mega Menu” on the side menu bar. Click on the menu to start customizing the mega menu.

The customization of AP Mega Menu consists of 5 tabs for customizing. They are:

General Settings

It is the 1st tab of the AP mega menu plugin. Here, you can edit the behaviour of your mega menu along with the animations that your mega menu represents while displaying. Besides, this tab also contains a separate mobile setting for displaying your mega menu on mobile.

AP Mega Menu: General Settings
AP Mega Menu: General Settings

Image Settings

In this tab, you can set the image size of the images that you want to display on your menu. Moreover, you can also set the icons on your mega menu.

AP Mega Menu: Image Settings
AP Mega Menu: Image Settings


AP Mega Menu is a shortcode ready plugin that comes with an inbuilt shortcode. From this tab, you can copy the shortcode and paste it to any page/post/custom post type where you want your mega menu to be added.

AP Mega Menu: Shortcodes
AP Mega Menu: Shortcodes

Theme Settings

AP Mega Menu comes with the functionality to create your own custom design for your mega menu. From theme settings, you can create and add your own custom template for each of the mega menu section.

AP Mega Menu: Custom Template Options
AP Mega Menu: Custom Template Options

Adding the Mega Menu using AP Mega Menu

Once all your configuration is done and saved. Go to Appearance > Menus for upgrading your WordPress menu into the mega menu. You will find select “AP Mega Menu settings” for adding the features of the mega menu plugin on your inbuilt WordPress menu. Here, you can assign the orientation of your menu, choose trigger effect, transitions, and available skins.

AP Mega Menu: Adding WordPress Menu Using AP Mega Menu
AP Mega Menu: Adding WordPress Menu Using AP Mega Menu

The plugin also has the feature of category wise configuration options. So, you can configure each of your categories by hovering over and clicking it on the AP Mega Menu button that appears.

AP Mega Menu: Catagory Wise Configuration Options
AP Mega Menu: Category Wise Configuration Options

Wrapping Up

So, this way you can add Mega menu to your WordPress website in just few minutes.

Mega Menu Plugins are useful for adding beautiful menus with lots of information. Adding them to your WordPress site will provide a great boost in user experience and can even convert your visitors into a buyer. So, if you are interested in upgrading default WordPress menu into mega menu then you can follow the tutorial to create the mega menu and add them on any page/post/custom post types of your WordPress website.

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