How to add font icon or custom icon in your WordPress menu – Step by Step Tutorial (Video Included)

You can add icons in your WordPress website’s menu items and make them look visually great and more effective in action. The menu with icons are more visible, clicked more by the visitors and hence more communicative and effective!

Icons and graphics are the most effective if you want to  improve visual interest and grab attention of your website visitors. Also, such icons and graphics will help your website users to know more about the page before they visit the actual page and motivates and guides them to navigating through pages.

If you’re wondering how to add font icons (Font Awesome, DashiconsGenericons, Lineraicons, Icomoon, Themify Icons, Elusive icons, Typicons, Foundation Icons, CaptainIcon, Devicons, Elegant Icons, Ionicons, MFG Labs Icon Set etc)
or custom icons and iconify your WordPress menu like the below ones, here is a step by step tutorial for you!

Custom Icons In WordPress Menu
Iconify your WordPress menu

In the above graphics, you can see two type of menus. One with the custom icons in main menu items and sub menu items and the other one with font icons in the menu items and sub menu items. If you want to do the same with your WordPress website’s menu – here is a step by step video tutorial to add icons in your WordPress Menu.


The plugin used in this tutorial is WP Menu Icon – a premium WordPress plugin. You can read more about the plugin in here too. Here is the detailed features of WP Menu Icon plugin, and you can buy the plugin at just $15 at CodeCanyon.

If you’ve any questions or comments or confusion, please feel free to drop your comments in the comment box.

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