How to add custom product tabs in WooCommerce website

How to add custom product tabs in WooCommerce website

Do you want to add Custom Product Tabs in your WooCommerce Website?

Almost every website needs to design and add some extra custom product tabs to enhance the product pages. In that case, if you decide to use TabWoo WordPress Plugin you will be able to build unlimited responsive WooCommerce tabs that come with amazing functionality and styling options.

When you decide to build more tabs for customers you will be able to add vertical and horizontal templates, custom styling options, and much more appealing features. This will totally enhance your product.  

Making it easy up to you, we would suggest you choose the beautiful premium TabWoo WordPress Plugin. But, before purchasing and using this plugin let’s know about it in more detail. 

TabWoo – Extra Tabs Plugin for WooCommerce

TabWoo is one of the best premium WooCommerce plugins by AccessPress Themes. This plugin allows you to build and add an amazing custom product tabs content and add any number of custom tab, vertical and horizontal templates, custom styling options, and much more appealing features. You can also add additional information to product pages like photo gallery, video, FAQ, downloadable files, and shortcodes in a stylish way. The best part is that this plugin is suitable for WordPress Beginners as well as it doesn’t require any coding knowledge. Additionally, it works perfectly with all “well coded” WooCommerce Themes. 

Features of TabWoo Plugin:

  • Offers 10 ready to use pre-designed templates
  • Includes 9 different tab components
  • Icons can be Enabled/Disabled in the tab label
  • Requires no coding knowledge
  • Works flawlessly with all WooCommerce Themes
  • Provides Forum and Email Support
  • Responsive Accordion Tabs
  • Horizontal and Vertical Tab Layouts
  • Assign Tab Width with 100% width calculation

Let’s add Custom Product Tabs on your WordPress Website:

Step 1: Install TabWoo WordPress Plugin

First of all, you need to get a TabWoo Plugin on your website. In order to install it go to Codecanyon and Purchase TabWoo. After the purchase is done you will receive a zipped file in the email. 

In order to install the plugin in your site, follow our tutorial guide on ‘How to Install New Plugin to the WordPress Site?’ 

Now at the end, all you need to do is Install and Activate the plugin

Step 2: Configure TabWoo WordPress Plugin

After you Activate the plugin. You can See the TabWoo button at the left bar of your page.


 If you go through the All Tab Set button you can see all the Tabs that are present on your website. 

Step 3: Make Changes in the Settings

In order to enable the changes while making tabs through the use of TabWoo WordPress plugin, you need to Enable TabWoo

Then enter the Google Map API Key. Finally, click on Save Options


Step 4: Add a Tab Set in your Website

After you click on Add Tab Set you will have the option to customize your tab. First of all, add the title of your tab. 

Enter the Tab Label of the tab. Then, choose icon type according to your need. 

After that add Description of the Tab Label. Then, choose your icon type. 

In the same way, you need to add Tab Label for Review then Choose Icon Type


Now in the Custom Tab option name the Tab Label. Then Choose Icon Type and Component. Finally, you need to Add Media


Step 5: Make Changes in the General Settings 

In the Main Settings, you can see the General Settings option first of all. 

Choose whether you want to show tab title, icon and title both or icon only from the Tab Labels Display Format. 

Choose to Show Icon Position from four different options. Then select Tab Width from three different options. 

Select the Width and choose whether you want to enable/disable accordion for responsiveness


Step 6: Change the Display Settings

In the Display Settings, you need to choose whether you want to make your Orientation Type Horizontal or Vertical.

Then choose your Horizontal Tab Template from 10 different options. 


Step 7: Custom Styling

First of all, choose to enable/disable Custom Styling. Then choose an appropriate color in all the options as shown in the screenshot below. 

Finally, choose the Font Size and Font Family.


Step 8: Assign Tab Set 

In the Assign Tab Settings, you need to choose the Assign Tab Base on Categories. Then finally Choose the Product Categories according to the product you will be selling.


The building tab takes no time if you choose the proper plugin. So, use TabWoo WordPress plugin to create an amazing tab with some simple steps.

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