4-Step Guide to Build a Gorgeous Magazine Website

Create a magazine website

There was a time when print media, especially magazine, was a big industry which later became limelight on the internet. The result? Well, you all know about Mashable.com don’t you? This is the interest level of all of us.

Content is still king and magazine websites have all sort of content including videos, images, personas, infographics etc. People love to know about all the latest news and interesting events happening around the World. Be it entertainment, tech or education industry, all of these industries catch the eyes of the audience for their interest.

Because of this interest, if you are also planning to build a magazine website, let me help you with a step-by-step guide. This article will cover every aspect of creating a magazine website, so that you may create your website without any delay.

Let me pave a way of your successful journey as a magazine owner!

Pick The Right CMS

Your magazine website structure will be based on the CMS you choose. Pick the CMS wisely and it should have an easy-to-use interface with user-friendly features. Your content should be a single click for users and there shouldn’t be any hassle fixing your web magazine content as well.

Be it drafting your article, uploading a video or an infographic, your platform should be optimized for all types of content. Moreover, the CMS must be compatible with free/premium plugins and themes to offer.

Whether you are a beginner or expert, you should go for WordPress CMS as it has a lot to offer. It is free, user-friendly and highly customizable. It also offers a huge number of free themes and plugins. A big plus of WordPress is you don’t need to know the technicalities, such as coding and everything is accessible at drag and drop option.

Choose Your Domain and Web Hosting

Choosing your domain is a creative task. You are more likely to choose a domain that represents your niche and make sure the domain name conveys your website genre, such as Mashable. It creates a whole an image of creativity and sounds catchy. This should be your goal too!

Your domain should be short as it takes less time to get typed, catchy as it should attract people just by its name, brandable as it is actually your brand and niche-oriented as it represents your website in a particular niche online.

Now come the web hosting that is one of the most important elements of your magazine website. Your web hosting should be reliable, fast and hassle-free. I would recommend you to go for a managed hosting service as it takes all your server and application related pain away.

Managed hosting notifies you for the available application related upgrades and you can schedule automatic backups of your website. Moreover, managed hosting provides auto-scalable infrastructures to tackle hike in traffic.

Pick a Catchy Theme

Your theme decides the behavior of your web visitors either they will stop reading your content or they will close the tab because of the complex layout.

AccessPress Mag

Your magazine is likely to attract people who are lively, colorful, energetic, funky and geeks. Your magazine will be covering all the industries including fashion, branding, sports, entertainment, technology, health, print and electronic media etc.

As more content means more visitors, your web magazine should cover all niches of content including articles, news, images, videos etc. All of this needs a relevant and catchy theme that proves to be a treat for your visitor’s eyes. Your web magazine’s theme should go with your content’s flow.

Start Your Publication

You have chosen your platform, domain name, web hosting and a theme that is likely to attract your audience. Now the only line between you and your web magazine success is a great content. Your website should cover a variety of topics, latest news, and happenings in all industries around the globe. The content should contain catchy phrases and interesting topics as it grabs the attention of your target audience.

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