Gaga Lite-FREE one page parallax WordPress theme 2021

Are you planning to create a beautiful website of your own? There are many choices for you where you can build a website. Among all, WordPress can be the best option for you. It is indeed the easiest and best platform for anybody including beginners. WordPress is used by 58% of the websites using content management systems.

If you are switched to work on WordPress, look for a modern theme.  Spend your valuable time and money on something worthy for it. You never know your website can give you a new identity you always longed for.  

By modern theme, I mean a theme with the new & trending features today. A theme with customizer, parallax design, UI design, advanced typography etc can be a modern theme for today. Precisely, one page parallax themes are modern and trendy today. 

If you are searching a modern WordPress theme, Gaga Lite is probably the best answer for you right this time. Gaga Lite is a free one page parallax WordPress theme that can be used for the multiple purposes. It is simple yet powerful WordPress theme. It is fully built in customizer so you can build your website with live preview of each progress. The theme allows almost every feature to be handled from the customizer with live previews.


The theme offers you two major styles- one page parallax or multi page setup. You can choose any of them according to the nature of your website or your need. One page parallax design is one of the latest trends, which is heavily used today. Though traditional, multi page set up is still useful for arranging a large volume of data in a website. Besides, it has a UI design keeping the users at the centre.

Gaga Lite is a responsive and multipurpose theme. It has option for multiple header layout, full screen slider, team layout, testimonial layout, blog layout, call to action, portfolio layout, footer layout etc. You can find the most flexible color options with which you can change the theme color anywhere in the website. It is easy to use theme enabling you to build a beautiful website of your own in no time.

Let’s check the major features of the theme below:

Fully built on customizer!

fully built on customizer

The theme is fully built on customizer allowing you to preview live as you build. Yes, it’s exactly a new feature of WordPress theme making the user experience better than ever. It is very easy and quick to design a complete website on this platform. You can customize each section of the website like header, footer, slider, portfolio, testimonial, blog and all from the customizer. It makes the website making process more efficient.


One page parallax or normal multi page setup

parallax or normal setup

The theme is multipurpose so it has multiple ways to reach the audience. If you are planning to create a small size portfolio, testimonial or blog website, you can choose one page parallax set up. It makes your website look really wonderful and engaging. The beautiful parallax effect will give a modern look to your website. In addition to that, normal multipage setup is also equally attractive.


Modern and trendy beautiful design

modern and trendy design

The theme is overall a complete modern theme. It is built on the principles of UI design keeping the users at the centre of it. It adopts what is new in the UI design and keeps your website upgraded with every new update.


Detailed home page setting/ configuration option!


The theme offers a detailed home page setting/ configuration option.  The home page can be configured  in detail, all section can enabled/ disabled or personalized.


Full screen slider


You can promote your ideas, products, services or anything visually through the full screen slider. The large size images and documents that slide from one side to another can easily grab the attention of the audience. It becomes more attractive and engaging.


Multiple color options


The theme allows the users to select any color of their choice from multiple colors available in the theme . Multiple color selection helps you to find a brand color for yourselves or your company. 


Multiple layouts for homepage elements


It offers you various elements such as team, services, skills portfolio, testimonials, blog etc appear on the home page with multiple layouts for each of them. The carefully and beautifully crafted layouts let you free to choose any one style that meets your need.


Sticky menu and better Call to action


Gaga Lite has a cool sticky menu that appears on the header as you scroll down the page. It helps you to navigate easily and makes the user experience better. Increase your conversions with better call to action.


Client’s logo carousel


The theme has option for giving your clients a good space in your website. You can show your client’s logo in the carousel that will help in strengthening your relationship with your clients.


Pricing table


It is a multipurpose theme so it is equally useful for business websites. The necessary section in a business website is pricing table. Gaga Lite offers a beautiful pricing table for your business website.


Multiple widgets


The theme lets you add multiple widgets to the website. You can add power of the theme with 6 built in widgets like right sidebar, left sidebar, footer etc.


Fully SEO optimized


The theme is fully SEO optimized. The links, keywords, updates used in this theme are Search engine friendly enabling you to get high rankings.


WooCommerce Supported


If you need an ecommerce theme with WooCommerce support, you can stop right here. Gaga Lite is a perfect theme for online shop with strong WooCommerce integration.


What’s more in this theme?

I listed the major features of the theme but that is not all. The theme has many other virtues for which you’ll love it. The theme is cross browser compatible. It can be easily browsed from any browser like Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer etc. Besides, it is translation ready that it can be used anywhere in the world by translating into the language you need. The theme has used cool and smooth CSS3 animations to make it look more eye-catching.


The theme is free but you’ll get an awesome support from the team of its makers. You can use forum support, online chat support or email support in case of any problem you encounter. You can find YouTube video tutorials to configure and use the theme properly.  The theme has an easy and systematic documentation for helping you to set up and use the theme step by step.

Anything else you want? I think not because it has all you need. Don’t simply trust my words-observe it yourself. Check out the amazing demo here.

 Why wait if you are happy?
Download it now and leave your kind comments below.

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