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One Page websites are widely replacing the multi-page websites today. Single page website design has become so popular for the simple but effective way of content delivery to the website users. It is an ideal platform for the minimal websites with a small size of content, specific product and target audience.

One Page WordPress themes’ is probably a more searched keyword in Google and other search engines today. It is because we all love to be modern, updated with the trend and ease at work. Yes, WordPress themes undoubtedly have made the life of website owners, developers very easy.  In addition to that, WordPress offers a plenty of premium-like freemium which website owners probably love the most about WordPress.

One Paze- free wordpress theme

And if you are in a hunt for such a free one page WordPress theme, the right place to stop at is One Paze. One Paze is a powerful free WordPress theme crafted carefully for creating single page website. Like a modern premium theme, it is built on customizer allowing you to live preview the website as you build. It offers beautiful parallax effects to help you make your website super engaging.

One Paze is a free multipurpose WordPress theme, which you can use for building multiple type websites like portfolio, testimonial, photography, blogging or anything. It a fully responsive theme looks great on any type and size of devices. It is lightweight, SEO-friendly and social media friendly. More than that, One Paze is from a team of enthusiasts and mad lovers of WordPress so it is more than a generic theme. One Paze is surely a unique and wonderful theme for your next project.

Check out the main features of One Paze below:

Fully Customizer based


One Paze is a fully customizer-based theme with the options to view the changes simultaneously with configuration. You can configure almost all the theme options from the customizer in the easiest and quickest manner. It is more efficient as you can instantly change anything, which doesn’t please you.

One Page Layout


One Paze offers cool one page layout for home page with parallax effects. Parallax is something used extensively today in trend. It makes a website look really wonderful and attracts more users stay more on your website. More user engagement is sure to improve the conversion rates of your website.

Multiple Menu Layouts


One Paze is a user-friendly and flexible theme offering its users multiple options to customize the website. It offers mainly three menu layouts to place your website menu as per your choice. You can display a menu at the top, left or right side of the website wherever it is appropriate for the content.

Full-Screen Slider


Most of the modern themes allow the website owners set a full screen background or slider making it more attractive. One Paze is a complete modern WordPress theme with full-screen slider. There is no need to adjust your image content by cropping it which often gives only the half message it wants to deliver.

Custom Logo/ Favicon Option


Not a longer time before, it was quite a burdensome task to change the logo/ favicon in a website. But it’s now a very easy task to personalize your website using your favorite logo/ icon in the website. With One Paze, you can instantly upload an appropriate logo and customize your website.

Featured Category/ Post Slider Options


Feature anything that is more interesting, more relevant or more important to your users. It is more efficient way to feature a post using the sliders. One Page offers you flexibility to featured category and post slider options.

Portfolio layouts


One Paze offers you an advanced portfolio layout with filter feature. It will display only what the users want to view after filtering.

Call to Action


The vital part of a website is the call to action section of it. A website’s goal is met when the users turn to be subscribers or customers. One Paze offers you a separate call to action. Call your website users to action in an impressive way.


Other features:fast-loading

  • Multiple blog layouts
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Fully SEO optimized
  • Fast loading
  • CSS3 animations
  • Translation Ready
  • Youtube tutorials

Super support for a FREE theme!

It sounds quite unbelievable when super support comes with a free theme. But, it’s not a lie. With One Paze, you’ll get an amazing support from its makers. The team of experts is all set to answer your queries all the time. There are mainly three ways to communicate to the authors.


There is a very dedicated forum support for you where you can ask any kind of questions you have regarding the theme. If you want an instant support, you can chat online and get your problems solved. Or you can also communicate through the email support.


Besides the super support, you can also find YouTube video tutorials to guide you setup and configure the theme. Else there is an easy step by step direction to use this theme in the documentation.

With everything you need in a modern one page theme, this theme seems a perfect one for you.  Why simply believe in my words, observe this beautiful demo on your own. Or learn more details here.

My final conclusion is that One Paze is a complete one page theme made for creating a modern website.
If you are looking for the same kind, go and grab it right away!

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