5 Digital Assets You Must Create for Your Business to Win Gold

Digital Assets Must To Create for Business

In today’s world of multi-touch marketing, customers control the buying process. You cannot sell online because if the client feels pressured and changes his mind, reversing a transaction is just a couple of clicks. And that could cost you four times the value of the original order in credit card fees.

Digital assets will bring in leads and will demonstrate to those people why they should buy from you, rather than a competitor. They will also help you to rank higher in Google because others will link to you and your digital assets. Some business owners prefer to do these by themselves, while some take a different approach and find the right digital agency to help them with this task.

You’ve heard it so often because it is so important. Email works and its ROI means you need to make it your top priority.

You must ask site any visitor, infographic user or slide deck viewer for an email address. Anyone who loves and uses your assets should be so impressed they want more, so will be happy to sign up to receive your emails.

Cold emails might be a good option if your clients are other business owners. However, you are better off using a platform such as MailShake, so your emails are less likely to be seen as spam. Setting up a successful email marketing campaign can be a hard and time-consuming task. That’s why it’s always a good idea to consult with a reliable digital marketing agency to help you set up a good foundation for your digital strategy.


If you combine MailShake with a service that finds corporate emails such as VoilaNorbert, you have a much better chance of reaching decision makers in your target business.

  • Online Course

Use a low-level online course as an email signup incentive. It’s free so that people will share it with their social contacts. Build other higher level courses to sell to students who take the free introductory course.

There are many aspects of course creation, and Neil Patel’s online course guide is essential reading. Neil gives screenshots of every step, and it ‘s hard to go wrong.

A course platform like Kajabi makes your learning materials look better and includes resources such as email management and landing pages that you would pay dearly for as separate products.


Kajabi is the platform Neil recommends and the one he refers to in his How-To post.

  • App

Most apps fail because their builders are dreamers. You need an app, but it must be useful and must solve problems your website cannot. Your target should be to create an app leads will use frequently because it makes their lives easier.

Even then your app will languish in the depths of the Apple and Google app stores like a penny dropped in a wishing well. Promoting your app is vital, and your digital assets should all link to your app download page.

Your website should have prominent app download links, and LinkTexting is one service to consider because it makes the process much simpler.

When someone clicks o a widget or badge they are prompted for their phone number: LinkTexting detects the device they are using and sends an SMS message with a download link to the appropriate app store.


This Business Opportunities article stresses how useful SMS texts can be in running your business, and this is just one more example.

  • Infographic

Drawing an infographic from scratch is hard work; you have to have the big picture in your head and then to superimpose e all the data onto that map. That’s why freelancers’ charges are high for custom infographics.

Easel.ly is one service that helps you to create an infographic in one hour instead often or more.


Easel.ly gives you some templates and objects for free and paying $3 per month for a pro account gives you access to a lot more. You can take any template or one of the two public infographics and edit it using the drag-and-drop interface to make it your own.

  • Slide Deck

You can use a presentation software such as Microsoft’s PowerPoint © to build slide shows, but online tools such as Haiku Deck give you a more professional slide deck that viewers are more likely to share.


You can embed Youtube videos in your slides and enable users to print them out as PDFs.

Wrapping Up

You have your most valuable digital asset, your website, but the Web is over-crowded, and you need more. Online courses, an app, infographics and slide decks will all help to reach individuals who don’t find you by searching.

When you share a valuable resource for free, your credibility goes up. Credibility and trust go hand in hand and are the precursors to making a sale.

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