How to create an educational website on WordPress?

Create an Educational Website on WordPress

Do you want to create an educational website WordPress?

If you’re looking into website development, you’ve probably heard of WordPress.

WordPress is the leading online website development platform. It currently hosts millions of sites created by developers from around the world.

It isn’t all that challenging to create a WordPress website. All you need to do is follow some simple steps, and you’re good to go.

But before you can start developing your website, you need to decide what type of site you want to create.

Educational Website Categories

Below are three primary examples of educational WordPress websites:

  1. School or college website: Such sites provide information about an institution, its students, staff, and any in-person or online courses offered.
  2. Online education portal: Websites like these aim to provide study materials, tutorials either to students belonging to a certain institution. It also facilitates anyone on the internet who wants to learn.
  3. Membership website for educational purposes: Here, students are allowed to log in and take online classes, access their student portal. It also contains course and grading information, and upload assignments so that their teachers can access them.

Sometimes, websites may be a merger between two or more of these categories. However, typically only one category is chosen from the above list, and create a website based on that specific model.

Elements of an Educational Website

Every website needs certain core components without which it would be incomplete:

  • Home page: There are many design options when it comes to home pages. Also known as landing pages, your website’s home page will be the first thing a visitor will see, so it should be eye-catching and informative. Home pages that are complicated to navigate or those containing too much information can get overwhelming, so be sure to design it with user experience in mind. Placing a logo, important updates, and prime information is a great way to fill up your site’s homepage.
  • About page: The about section allows website visitors to learn more about your business or institution’s history. Does your site represent a local school, or is it a free online learning centre (similar to Khan Academy)? Let your website visitors know more by informing them through the about page!
  • Courses: Talk about the academic courses and skills offered in this section. Some websites also allow students to enroll in a class through this page.
  • Faculty: This one’s pretty straightforward-use the “faculty” section to let your audience know who’s teaching which subject and why they are qualified enough to be doing so.
  • Registration form: Some educational websites like to include a registration form or a login page that allows people to register at their school or to sign up for online classes. Many sites also include contact details in this section, while others choose to create a separate page for it. Regardless, how you design your website is up to you.

After you’ve decided which of the aforementioned pages you want to include, you can start planning your website design. Pen down the names and outline of any other pages you plan on including so that you have a fair idea of what you’re creating once you start building your WordPress website.

Create WordPress Education Website

Steps to Create an Educational WordPress Website

Below are the exact steps you’ll need to follow when setting up your WordPress website:

Choose a Domain Name

Every website needs a unique name that will help visitors identify it. A good domain name will clearly state what your website represents. For example, if you are building a website for an online piano school, you might choose a domain name along the lines of “”

Legally recognized and registered institutions can usually get a “.edu” domain to highlight the fact that their website is dedicated to educational purposes and is not for commercial use as “.com” suggests.

Register Domain Name and Sign Up for a Hosting Plan

Next, you’re going to have to find an online host server and sign up for a paid plan that suits you. Be sure to register your domain name with them, too. After this is done, install WordPress on your host server, and you’re good to go!

Select a WordPress Theme

There are many excellent WordPress themes available online. A simple Google search can yield thousands of brilliant education-oriented themes that you can use for your website. Choose the one you like and save it to your computer.

Upload Theme to WordPress Dashboard

Open up your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance>>Themes. Additionally, here, you will find the “add new” tab, which you will click on to upload your theme.

In fact, there are many education WordPress themes available at the official WordPress repository for FREE. You can anyone of your preferences.

Website Customization

Visit Theme Options Panel>>General Settings and use this space to upload relevant images, a favicon, and your logo.

Also, if your theme contains a contact or registration form (lead capture), fill in the details for that, too, using the lead capture Settings tab.

You can use the side tabs to explore other website customization options and fill your new online platform with relevant content, including text, images, and other media. In fact, some educational websites like to post sample essays for visitors to read and take guidance from when it’s their turn to write an essay.

WordPress education website customization

“Students visiting your website are likely to judge the quality of education offered at your institute based on how well these sample essays are written, so make sure you upload ones that are illustrated with perfect grammar, coherent structure, and accurate content,” recommends Aaron Horn, writer at PapersOwl. Similarly, if you want to create new pages and add them to your website menu, you may do so using WordPress Dashboard>>Pages>>Add A New Page.

Depending on your theme, SEO options may be present, too, which you can alter to help optimize your page for search platforms like Google and Bing. Also, many people like to use a handy WordPress plugin, like Yoast, to help with SEO.

Final Words

See? Developing a top-notch WordPress educational website isn’t as hard as it seems! Moreover, all you need to do is download WordPress, get your hands on a solid theme, and customize site content till you’re happy with the results.

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