How to Create a Dental Website using Bingle WordPress Theme

How to Create a Dental Website using Bingle WordPress Theme

Do you want to create a dental website using our best Bingle WordPress Theme?

Having your own dental clinic and running them is a huge deal in itself.  You need to take care of appointments, provide customer information, address their queries, and overall handle the branding of your clinic. Obliviously you need a helping hand or a receptionist who will be doing all these tasks for you. But, what if a website can solve all your problems in a go. Isn’t it relaxing and less time-consuming?

You can just choose a WordPress theme, add some useful plugins, and make the dental website up and running. Before choosing one theme, let’s explore the need for a Dental website.

Why do you need a Dental Website?

One might have the perception that dentistry and web development are a different field and they cannot co-exist. However, the demand of the current global market is an online presence. In fact, this pandemic has made us more aware of why the business needs to have an online presence.

Particularly the following are the major reasons why you should create a dental website using Bingle WordPress Theme:

  • An online booking appointment is possible. The hassle for an appointment is reduced.
  • The profiles of the dentist are easily shown so that customers can go through the information and choose the preferable one.
  • The availability of services and the pricing for the different services are easily accessible.
  • The online presence helps in reaching out to a greater audience and the advertisement is more effective.

WordPress is a suitable platform that has unlimited themes to choose form. You can scroll through the numerous themes and choose the best one that meets your requirement. The website building is quite easy as there is a ready-made WordPress theme even if you are not tech-savvy.

The best place to check out while looking for good and responsive themes are for free themes and Theme forest for premium ones. Among the free themes available at, Bingle is one of the suitable themes for a dental website. Likewise, with support and detailed documentation, it’s a great theme to go.

At first, let’s know more about this theme before starting to build the site.


Bingle is a modern and professional theme suitable for multiple websites. It is a highly customizable theme, super-fast, lightweight, and Elementor based. This theme is the go-to theme for event, law, minimal, business, single app, education, dental, gym, blog, and many more. Bingle comes with 11 starter websites that are unique and are focused on modern websites requirements.

There are 10 preset customizer based header and 3 preset customizers based footer, has inner page options and has a one-click installer. Additionally, the theme fits in every screen type and is eye-pleasing. The website built based on Bingle is search engine optimized and can score high in speed performance. Don’t you worry at all as you can create a dental website using Bingle WordPress Theme with ease.

Detailed features of Bingle:

  • Free yet versatile customizer and Elementor based theme
  • 11+ starter websites ready to install
  • In fact, it has 10 preset layouts on your header or build one on your own using the header builder
  • 3 footer layout with the builder
  • Clone the content of the demo site with a single click from the setup screen
  • Lastly, it is tested on all devices and has high-quality images, fonts, and text.

Getting Started

1. Select suitable hosting and install WordPress

At first, you need to purchase a domain and choose the suitable hosting. A domain refers to the custom address for your website. The domain name identifies the website to your users. The domain name is preferable keeping short and easy to type.

Web hosting is an essential component of every website. The best WordPress hosting helps in improving sales and SEO.

You can choose the best performing hosting that works well for WordPress. Among, the various hosting available, you can choose Bluehost one of the oldest hosts. They are one of the WordPress recommended hosting provider. You need not have to worry about the site being slow even there are larger traffics. There is 24/7 support through live chats, email, and phone. Also, there is a discount going on for WordPress users specially.

Now, you can go to installing WordPress.

2. Choosing Bingle for a Dental Website

As discussed earlier, Bingle comes with tons of features and functionalities. Being highly customizable and elementor based, website building is quite simple and less time-consuming. Similarly, it has all the qualities a modern website should have. The professional-looking dental site is possible to build letting the customer know about all the facilities, services, and pricing.

Bingle is gaining popularity in a short span and reviews are great that is also the main reason for choosing this theme over others. Among the various starter websites available we are choosing the dental starter site to build a fresh website. Let’s have a look at the dental starter homepage at first.

Bingle Dental Home Page:

When you go through the home page/landing page of a dental starter website of Bingle, you will find all the useful features and functionalities.

Clean and Professional looks The page looks clean, minimal yet professional. The people would love to stick around as you can easily keep your site up to date. You can go for the subtle color palette and text are also easily readable. The homepage looks good on all screens as shown in the image.

Perfect header The header section can be utilized to display the information regarding the services and your business. The attractive header with highly customizable options is what Bingle offers you.

Easy appointment display option – You can add a section for the easy appointment for your client. They can easily check the availability and time for their favorite dentist.

Service display option – All the services you offer can be displayed on the homepage so that the customer gets to know a quick idea of the services and facilities offered.

Team member display section – The home page section also allows you to display the doctors associated with your company. The customer can have beforehand knowledge regarding their surgeon, their experience, and their specialization area too.

Footer section – The footer section is highly customizable. You can add extra information regarding the company, or provide social accounts, or any additional information.

All these unlimited functionalities make the Bingle, an ideal theme to build a dental website. But, you should always avoid few things such as dumping all the information on the home page, having a stagnant site without any updates, complex for the patient in contacting you, and neglecting on optimizing the sites.

Now, let’s have a look at a dental website homepage.


3. Install the Bingle WordPress Theme

After deciding to use the Bingle WordPress theme, you need to install the Bingle WordPress theme on your website.

You need to download and activate the Bingle WordPress theme on your dashboard. After installation is complete, you will land to the Welcome page. Now, you can click on Appearance>> Bingle Setup at the left sidebar. And select Import Demo options.

Also, go through a Video tutorial to be more clear on the Bingle theme installation.


Now, you can see 10+ starter websites. As we are building a dental website, we are importing a dental starter website by clicking the Import option.

import demo bingle

Then, you require to install plugins and activate them to activate the demo exactly that way it looks like.


Once the plugins are activated click on to Next Step>.



You can back up your data if there is content on your website. Then, start importing data by clicking on Start Importing.

View site bingle

When importing data is completed, you can click on View Site. You can observe that the site looks exactly the same as shown in the demo.


After visiting the site, you can now move forward with the customization. Click on Appearance>>Customize.


You are directed to this page where you can see the numerous options such as general panel, header setting options, footer settings, inner page panel, options for menus, widgets, and so on. You can go through each option and make changes as per your requirements.


Let’s go to General Panel first and see what it has to offer.

The General panel has three setting options such as Colors, background image, and homepage settings.

Through the color options setting, you are able to change the background color.


From the Background Image Option, you can select the images from the library or upload the files.


From the home page setting, you can choose on displaying the latest posts or a static page. You can add a new page on the home page or the posts page too. There are the options to chose from the home page too. You can have About us, contact, home, or sample page as a homepage option. For the posts page too, you can go through various options.


Let’s explore Header Settings options.

The header settings have numerous options such as options to choose header layouts, top, main, and bottom header designs as well as header background images options.

At first, choose the header layouts. There are 11 header layouts to choose from or you can also custom layouts with all the elements.


Now moving to top, main, and bottom header design, you can choose wrapped or full width as a wrapper style. Also, you can choose wrapper width, change the background header color, and also set the margin and padding of the header in all top, main, and bottom header.


From the Header Background Image, you can add an image from the library or upload a new file to the background of the header.


Customizer Header Element options

The header element options have the option to edit the Site Identity and Side Menu Icon.

Under Site Identity, you can change the width of a header on a percentage basis, set your brand logo, provide the site title name, and have a unique and catchy tagline too. There is the option to show or hide the Site Title and Tagline. In addition, you can have your own Site Icon Set.


Along with the Site Identity, there are lots of functions to customize such as the Primary Menu, Search width and label, Side Menu Icon, Header Address, Email, Social, Button, and Custom Html or shortcodes.


Footer Settings – This section allows us to choose the Footer Layouts, Top Footer designs as well as Main Footer designs.


The footer layouts have three different layouts to choose from. You can go with any of the available options.


From the top footer designs section, the wrapper style can be chosen with the selection of wrapper width. The background color of the top footer can be set as per your preferences along with margin and padding.


The main footer also has similar options as the top footer and can be customized as you prefer.


Moving forward, you can go on changing Footer Elements. 

You can select the width of the Footer Menu and also manage Footer Menu Items. The Primary Menu can be set with the desired locations of the particular Menu.

Footer Copyright lets you select Footer Copyright width and add Footer Copyright Text.

Footer Social Options offer you to manage Footer Social Items. You can add links and social icons at the desired header or footer section.


Customization of Inner Pages Panel 

The Inner Pages Panel has the option to set Blog/Archive Settings and Single Page/Post Settings. The pages can include the information regarding the latest facility added or the technology you are adding to your dental store. Moreover, your customer can also share their detailed experience with the services.


From the Blog/Archive Settings, you can choose the Archive Container Wrapper Style as Wrapped or full width along with setting the Blog Container Width size. Likewise, there are the options to set the sidebar on the left or right side or you might set the page without a sidebar.


The blog content width can also be set on percentage. The showcasing of the Blog/Archive Post Style is possible in the list and grid view.


Now, you can set the Blog/Archive Excerpt Length. In addition, you can arrange the Post Elements such as Title and Meta description, Thumbnail, Excerpt and Read More as per your wish. Also, you can set the order of Author and Date of Meta Elements Order.


Now, customizing Single Page/Post Setting. This option lets you choose the Single Container Wrapper Style, Page width also lets you have a Sidebar on the left, right or build a page without a sidebar.

Customize-Bingle-Single-Page Setings

Continuing the Single Page Customization, you can decide on the content width you want to have on the site. Also, the Single Post Elements such as Title and Meta, Thumbnail, Tags, Content, Post Navigation, and Comments can be placed in the order you prefer.


Other Customization Options

There are other customization options such as Menus, Widgets, Additional CSS, and Export/Import.

Menus – You can set Primary Menu at Footer and reorder and add new menus.

Widgets – These options offer you to customize Sidebar and Bingle Side Menu Contents.

You can customize Additional CSS and directly import and export the files and images.


Recommended Free Plugins for a Dental Website

Having a dental website only might not be sufficient to stand out in the global competition. You can go on adding a few free plugins to extend the functionality of the website. Additionally, here we have listed some of the few plugins you can consider having.

Ultimate Form Builder Lite


Ultimate Form Builder Lite is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to create various contact forms with drag and drop form builder. For your dental website, you can integrate this plugin and create an appointment form and receive those forms at a particular email address. It makes task way easier with an appointment confirmation. Most importantly this lets you store the form entries in your database. Similarly, you can use that database for future references. Later on, you can utilize those data in mass advertising to inform any updated services and special offers going on. You can carry on with any of 5 pre-designed templates and preview the forms before using them on the site.

Get the plugin!

AP Custom Testimonial

AP custom testimonial

AP Custom Testimonial is an easy to use WordPress testimonials plugin. This plugin lets you build multiple testimonials without any unnecessary unwanted settings to confuse you or take your precious time when you create a dental website using Bingle WordPress Theme. By using the dynamic shortcode, you can have your own layout customized from the setting section in the backend and build an unlimited number of testimonials. The customer feedback and reviews add extra value to your business. Likewise, the visitors can easily evaluate your services and facilities and probably turn into customers quickly.

Get the plugin!

Total Team Lite


Total Team Lite is a free utility plugin helping you to display your team members or the Dentists profile when you create a dental website using the Bingle WordPress Theme. Site visitors can go through the information provided and choose the most preferable dentist and go for the booking of the appointment. Also, visitors need not have to go through hassle as the layout of plugins perfectly fit the sites. There are 4 pre-available layout and 13 templates to show various components in its specific team members in the most attractive way possible. In fact, this plugin is handy since you can display different team members with various team member elements and much more with layouts design.

Get the plugin!

So, here we sum up the article. We hope this article will be quite useful for you to create a dental website using Bingle WordPress Theme

Download Bingle

If you want to explore and have access to more unique functionalities, you can always upgrade to a premium version of the theme.

Buy Bingle Pro 

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