How much does it Cost to Build Your Website Using WordPress in 2021? Expert Answers

No matter what kind of business you are running, no matter on what level your business is. You surely need a website to make your business look more professional and legit. Back in 2000, where the cost of creating a website would solely depend upon the developer.

The developer can ask you any amount he would like, but not now. The cost of creating an engaging website depends upon several factors and cost is measured according to your needs and preference. You can even set a budget. However, the budget may dissolve as the type of website you are looking for might cost you some extra dollars.

So in this article, we will mainly focus on how much it costs to manually create a website using the WordPress platform.

How Much Does WordPress Cost?

Starting with the basics, a WordPress site costs almost $11/month. Persuasively, you should keep in mind a cost of around $200 with some monthly additional charges from $11-$40/month.

Here is a quick listing of factors that influence the cost of creating a site using WordPress:

  • The first and important thing is the domain name which will cost you around $12/year
  • The second is choosing a host. Hosting charges start from $3.95/month
  • Premade templates, two types of themes are there; free and premium. Premium templates costs around $0 – $200 (one-off charge)
  • WordPress Plugins cost starts from $0 – $1,000 (ongoing or one-off charge)
  • The security of the website cost starts from $50 (ongoing or one-off charge
  • Developer fees, If you want to hire a developer that will cost you around $0 – $1,000 (one-off cost)

Additionally, if you want to create a unique custom web design, you’ll need to hire a freelance web designer for this job. You can also hire a web designing agency but that is way too expensive for small business owners.

Pro tip: If you are from the UK the best choice is to choose Freelance Web Designer as they are not only professional but also an award-winning company with loads of experience. They can do this job pretty easily. Give them a try!

Now let us just start discussing each of the factors in detail.

Domain Name

WordPress plans include domain names and most of people prefer to choose the provided names by WordPress but if you already have or want to buy a domain outside WordPress then you have to go to a domain registrar and select your desired name.

Preferably, go for a domain name that represents your business or site. For instance, if you have a computer sale business you can buy a domain name with tech or computer included in it. Remember to keep the name short and simple so people will memorize it instantly and search back again when needed.

Average domain names are available at a reasonable price $12/year, if you want to buy a domain that you desire that may cost you more, maybe into thousands or even millions.

The most common and popular domain extension is “.com”, but most of the time the name is already taken. Still, you can try and choose the one you think is better.


Searching for the host is the next step to choose, hosting is a basic need for a website. Setting up a new website requires a host. No host means no website.

Hosting is basically an internet space for your website to fit in. You can find a lot of hosts in your searches. You have to choose one that fulfills your needs, allow upgrade options and other benefits.

When choosing a host for your WordPress site, choose one that is recommended by WordPress itself. While doing some research, Bluehost was one of the recommended and top-ranked ones. Reading reviews can help you buy a suitable host. Take your time and do your research.

On average, here are some of the respective prices according to each kind of hosting:

  • Shared Hosting ($2.75 – $15/month). The basic one and this is what most people prefer when they start their web-hosting journey.
  • WordPress Hosting ($4.99 – $290/month).
  • Dedicated Hosting ($80 – $730/month)
  • Cloud Hosting ($4.50 – $240/month)
  • VPS Hosting ($5 – $80/month)

Cost to build WordPress website

Side note: These prices may vary with each host you go through.

Pre-made Themes Templates

Now moving forward. You don’t have to roam around and research to make your site have an astonishing design, rather you can choose ready-made themes that WordPress itself offers.

WordPress offers thousands of templates that you can buy and apply them to your site. There are free templates available. Not only just free but some extra special templates can cost you some dollars starting from $2 and ending at $200.

Things don’t end here. You can also use templates from other sites that offer. The best thing is that these require one-time payment and you can use these designs as many times on any number of websites you want.

To buy the best one, we recommend you checkout the collection of best premium WordPress themes.

From there get an idea and find your ideal theme.

WordPress Plugins

Plugins are add-ups that provide the functionality to your themes and your site. Just like you buy a new phone and you have to install some apps to fulfill some of your needs.

There are some plugins that WordPress offers. According to your need and preference, it may cost you nothing or some. For Blogs and personal projects, it may cost less but when you have complex needs the cost might creep up.

To get started here are some of the top-rated plugins:

  • MonsterInsights: This plugin allows for in-depth analytics. There are two versions; Free and a premium one. Premium one can cost up to $99–$399 for one year.
  • Yoast SEO: To rank well on search engines you have to do Search Engine Optimization. This plugin helps you to rank well easily. You can use the free version lacking some features or use the premium one for $69.
  • MailChimp: Every business deals with E-mails, you need to capture addresses and send emails to your customers. MailChimp is super handy in this. Just install the plugin and it will do the job. Premium plans start from $59 and end to almost $149/year.

You can find many more amazing WordPress plugins for your business here:


Now let us talk about the Security of your website. You don’t have to initially pay extra for your site’s security. WordPress itself has robust security.

As you choose some templates and plugins, try to keep them upgraded as the upgrade is launched. When you don’t install the updates your site becomes vulnerable. Hackers and scammers can damage your website.

SSL Certificates

As you might have heard of this term, maybe in some other form but this certificate is attached to most of the sites to keep the internet connections secure. Secure Socket Layer or SSL provides important padlock in the search bar.

Often you may have come across some sites Google is warning you not to entre as they are not secured and your data will be at risk. This thing is not good and unprofessional. Your clients might not entre your website which is not a good thing!

The basic SSL certificate for WordPress can cost you approx. $50 per year and this can creep up to $600 for more intense security options.

Some of the Website builders also offer free SSL certificates in some of the paid plans they offer like Bluehost. Even a basic certificate will do the job. All you need is to keep the plugins and theme updates as possible.

You can also use one of the plugins that WordPress Offers like Sucuri. These plugins are not free and you have to pay around $200–$500 in order to save your site from any kind of hacker and to keep your and your clients personal data safe.

Hiring fee of a Developer

When setting up a website, there are multiple reasons where you have to hire a developer for your work that you don’t know much about, or maybe you are running short of time, you want some unique specific design or want some advance functions that require custom coding.

Hiring a developer depends totally on your needs. Sometimes you might not be able to do some specific task and you require assistance. So, if you plan to create a basic site that will cost you around $150 on average but if you want a complex site you might have to pay about $1000 or more.

If you are in the UK and want a developer to help you out in the process, the best choice is to consider freelance web designer. You can check their site and contact them. They are not only professionals but can assist you to save a lot of dollars that you might spend on any other developer.

Summary of Setting up a WordPress Website

Factors Cost One-off, monthly or yearly
Domain name $12 Annually
Hosting $4–$40 Monthly
Pre-made themes $0–$200 One-off
Plugins $0–$1000 Mixture
Security $50-$550 Mixture
Developer fees $0–$1000 One-off


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