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Heard of content marketing? Influenced by its popularity? And, yet you don’t have an adequate idea? Willing to start but confused where and how?

I have the answer- Content (a great content indeed). You must first create a great content (relevant, high quality, reliable). By content, it means multiple things such as blogs, images, videos, web articles which inform users about services and products you launch.

Following the tradition, let me generalize blog writing as the content writing and focus on it. By publishing the content, you try to attract new customers to your business, engage the existing ones and finally build a new brand of your own. This new business technique is called content marketing which is extensively used today by the world corporates.

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Content has been a very important part of website to give your potential customers adequate information about your company. Online content has gained more importance than ever due to the growing popularity of digital media to the print media. Anyone and everyone today try to find out the kind of service and company they want in the Google or other various search engines.

The content you have kept in your website gives you the rank in the search engine results as the quality and originality of your content matters here. If your content is original (not plagiarized) and effective enough to address the customers’ queries, it’s sure that they click into your link. It’s not your goal achieved yet, because the user can immediately click the close tab button if the content is not well managed and seems much complicated with a lot of options.

The content has to be basically error-free, informative, clean and nicely arranged with some visual images. But, only considering these things is not enough to create a great content. To be a professional content writer, there are many things the writer has to keep in mind.

Here is a list of content writing rules and content writing secrets that professionals apply  to create a great content mainly in three steps: 1.Consider before writing 2. Consider while writing and 3. Consider before posting. Check the steps out:

Consider before writing

  • Identify your clients/readers:

    I am discussing what preparations are necessary to be made before you start writing a website content. Before you write, it’s very essential to know your potential readers. You should clearly know what standard of writing they can understand or enjoy reading, what is their level or what is their requirement. You are greatly mistaken if you think that anybody or everybody else will read your content. To the majority of the people, it’s nothing more than something junk or unwanted and a very few are your readers or clients. So, It’s very essential to know your can be readers.

  • Your content’s goal:

    Before starting your journey, you should know where your destination is and only then you can reach there or you reach nowhere. Similarly, you should know what the ultimate goal of your content is. Is it to introduce them to you and your product? Or persuade them to buy? Or to show how you are different to your counterparts? Yeah and when you set a certain goal, it is definite to achieve it. This is also one of the content writing secrets.

  • Study search engine keywords and decide on topic:

    The most important part of your content is the topic. All the readers in general decide whether to read or not an article depends upon the topic. If the topic is appealing, the reader may spend time in reading it or will not even hold a while to catch a sight on it. Your topic also should be matching with the keywords that web visitors mostly enter to find your kind of information in search engines. So, to become a good content writer always focus on creating strong headlines with a brief keyword research to go with it. You can easily build a long list of long tail keywords by going through Google Auto Suggest and related terms. This is exactly how Tech MSD was able to rank with keywords from forums and related terms.

Consider while writing

  • Write short and pointed content:

    Quality of content is never determined by how lengthy or how complicated it is written but how simple and persuasive it is. What I believe is that short and pointed content is moreover effective than a lengthy and complicated one because it is quick and easy to understand. Today, web visitors are also called hunters who love to find their prey as fast as it’s possible. In addition, they often ‘scan’ not read the content. So, it should be short and pointed.

  • Put your most important information first- follow journalists:

    There has been a traditional way of writing essays or articles where you follow a certain type of style and you are guided by it. Such kind of writing is no more of use in writing a content for a website. The tradition is changing as the readers’ interest is largely shifting day by day. As, I mentioned earlier readers need a quick understanding of your content if possible in the first sentence or the first paragraph. Therefore, you shouldn’t follow the traditional way of article writing but write like journalists who include the most important information at first.

  • Use familiar words:

    As a content writer, you are not an expert of any specific discipline of knowledge but a translator or guide to your customers to simplify their queries or concerns regarding your product. If you write it using a very tough vocabulary or jargons, they may not willingly read it or understand even after reading. So, you must focus on writing a very simple text using the familiar words.

  • Make a visual impression:

    “A picture is worth a thousand words.” is an established saying in the field of journalism and so it is. A picture can express what you can never tell or write in words. Inserting pictures, images, clip arts help to understand the idea faster and easier. Website contents can even support video clips or tutorials. So insert images, photographs and make your content more comprehensive along with its beautiful look. Besides, it makes your content actionable or practicable as they can make use of your product easily with the help of images, video tutorials etc.

  • Refer stories:

    It’s a great idea to refer stories in your content to make it more persuasive. You know, people love stories. Most of us are brought up with the hearing of bedtime stories and we have a deep-rooted belief on such stories. So, if you include some story pieces or morals related to your content, they would love it.

Consider before posting

  • Check, check and check:

    As you are done with the writing task, you should spend a valuable time in checking it. So, I focus as “Check, Check And Check”. Your content should be fully comprehensive, error- free, original and correct. The type of content you publish in your website is responsible to creating and maintaining your company and its brand in a great deal. So, the content should be of good quality and to make it so, you must check it several times.

  • Ask questions to yourself:

    Once you check the semantics and grammar, now focus on answering some questions. Check whether you are satisfied by the answers or not. If you yourself are not happy with the answers, take some more time before posting it. Some questions can be: 1. Are you able to provide answers to your clients’ queries? 2. Does it meet your readers’ standard ? 3. Can it be popular or viral to make your brand more popular?

  • Be on accurate sourcing of information:

    Study the websites well whom you have linked to the content, know how reliable they are and the basis of their website. Providing the reliable and good links only can help you to heighten your brand popularity. So, it’s very necessary to be accurate with the links we provide in the content.

Get started today!

Following these steps, you created a great content. Now, it’s time to publish it and kick start your new business strategy of content marketing. You are a starter in the hub of content marketing and your initial step will not send you visitors and leads as per your expectation is. However, search engines will no longer ignore your presence when you regularly hit them with great and relevant content. So, why delay? Start today and let your business flourish.

If you have any issue with these content creating ideas, write to me in the comment box below. And also, share your unique ideas about content creating if you have any.

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    To write a great content proper understandings about client requirements as well as precise guidelines are needed to make it worth in all the way. There are lots of writer around the world hovering but the best one needs some great guidelines to submit among the public. It does not seem unreasonable to suggest that pointed out tips are helpful and important in terms of including it in the web page or in the blog which will guide the writer to start in smooth way until the end.

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      12 Sep 2017
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      I also want to say thanks for the tips


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