Competencies of User Experience Design


Looking at the burgeoning number of mobile devices in the market we can figure out that the competition is not just among the manufacturers but software providers as well. A decade or two back no one ever imagined that we would be able to communicate with distant people so easily. Heights of progressive advancement is so much so that all you need is to lift your wrist to communicate with people.


Ordeal in the ocean!

With the plenitude of apps being built on various industrial sectors, you need to face an ordeal to reach your destination which is a great user experience.

How to gain a sure footing?

In this wobbly marketplace where you need to know the basic idea of how to develop a highly competitive app is the prime concern. For that, you need to have a strong grasp of the nuances of the development that can help you get a strong foothold. Though for a great app you need to have a holistic approach in here we have discussed how to climb the fist step of the ladder which is user experience.


Understanding UX

UX and UI are two terms that appear to be misnomers, wherein they are certainly not as they are two singular terms and hold a different meaning. To understand the difference we can say that one is the apparent thing wherein the other deals with the functional part.

UX, which is a buzz word in the web development world, stands for the acronym User experience, and this decided how a user feels when he works on a user interface of any system. The system means any software interface be it a web application or mobile app that carry some form of human-computer interaction.


The user experience designers need to study and figure out what kind of experience a system renders to the developers and what do users feel while working on a system. They also need to fulfill the parameters such as providing a seamless user experience, easy usage, user’s perception of the system, efficient work performance and utility to the users.

A successful web design company creates remarkable user experience. UX designer puts efforts to develop UI design pattern that recommends users to engage with the apps. Focusing on user’s perspective, UX designer needs to work on the principle of simple interface that is graceful and communicative. Understanding users and the ability to communicate properly is one of the primary qualities of UX designers.

What does a highly competent designer need to possess?

These designers also have a strong control over the processes and sub-systems that exist with the UX sphere.
For instance, they need to analyze the checkout process of their e-commerce website and to use the statical data analysis they need to interpret whether the users are fine with the checkout process and if not what is bugging them in buying products. Using this they need to formulate an easy as well as pleasant.

To render a smooth experience, they need to delve deeper into the functional components that hinder a customer’s experience and for that they need to study the sub-systems. They need to garner each of the components with utmost attention so as to gain users attention.
This new term in the tech space was coined by Dr. Donald Norman, who is a cognitive science researcher and he also is credited to describe the user-centered design and its importance.

UX will solve ample lot of problems such as:

1. UX works like a magic wand for complex projects

We know that there are complex systems which are a tough nut to crack. Which means to design tough architectural designs you need to have a fortified planing. Well if you know that you do not have quite big or a complex application to be made then there is no point in making a thorough user interface study or planning for the same and waste your resources on it. However, you need a full-blown and detailed study to check your UX for an interaction-rich app that has a lot of things to cater to its users. It has also been estimated that the developers who neglect web design tend to suffer a loss in revenue.

2. Start-ups can benefit from it

Having inclination towards startup I know how difficult it is to cut your coat with this very short piece of cloth, I mean how to handle things in this very less budget. In a startup, you need to motivate people to take responsibilities other than those encompass their job roles.

If you are dawning the same shoes, then you can train your employees on how to create a great user experience. Doing so will be quite beneficial for your company.

As a startup, there are chances that you might not have to face a nip and tuck competition, and this is the reason you need to pay attention to user experience as it holds a strong potential to get you recognition in the IT space.

3. Cutting short the projects’ timeframe

What is progressive about web development and how do they do it so fast?
Well, I believe that they just add a cog to their regular development so as to take the current stage to a new level. This is what the designer are doing to extend the timelines. To make the best of UX designs, you can formulate you designing process in such a way that you can allow the designers and developers to focus more on the user issues rather than just focusing on the regular designing stuff in their timeline.

4. Companies who do not have lofty budgets

Small firms those who function on a limited budget do not invest their resources in research, analysis as well as planning. This is the reason they focus primarily on the deliverables so as to keep the cost of the development low and keep deliverables their priority.

Moreover, small budget product peddles all their energy to get the final product. This leaves us no hint that these projects would not get affected by UX. If you think so, then it is a sheer misconception as user experience is something that has widened its seams and has engulfed all sorts of projects. Under the influence of these misconceptions, firms try to avoid the need of going through the UX design process as they do not deem it important for the launch.

5. Develops incredible User Interfaces and experiences

Developing incredible User Interfaces and experiences, surely sets a UX design and web design company above the rest. It includes building a strong ‘interface’ for their users with an in-depth understanding of their needs. The interface ought to facilitate users to get their goals and intentions decisively through clear visual communication with satisfying designs that evoke the true emotion.

All in all!

No one can counter the argument that UX has emerged as a reckoning force, and it certainly has the competency to have a great impact on the users. This is the reason one can not afford to sideline user experience design.

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