Best WordPress Social Login Plugins (2020 Collection)

5+ Best WordPress Social Login Plugins (Premium Collection)

Social login also called Social Oauth Login is a good to have feature for a membership or WooCommerce website that offers login feature. It lets the users to directly sign-in / sign up to the website via any social media they choose. This process is more convenient as they don’t have to register a new account, wait for its approval and go through the manual sign-in process.

How to Enable Social Login on WordPress Website?

Social Media OAuth Login feature can be added on your website by using the WordPress social login plugins. These plugins come with different feature and functionality to insert social login buttons of different social networks on the comment sections, registration forms, login forms, check-out forms etc.

Best WordPress Social Login Plugins

Now let’s take a look at some of the most popular and highly-rated WordPress social login plugins. These plugins are well tested and handpicked after checking out all the functionalities, usability and compatibility. They offer various features and will let you add the social OAuth login button to the desired location as per your wish.

AccessPress Social Login

AccessPress Social Login is a perfect WordPress plugin to enable your users to register/login to your website their favourite social accounts. It supports 12 different social networks with an option to enable/disable each of them manually for your WordPress website. Besides, the plugin contains 30 beautiful designed template to add the most appropriate social login buttons for your login form, comment form or checkout form.

It is an easy to use plugin that provides full control over the selection of your social login button/icons. You can use the inbuilt shortcode that comes along with the plugin to add social login button on any page, post or custom post of your website. Also, the plugin is compatible to add Easy Digital Downloads and BuddyPress plugins.

Major Features of AccessPress Social Login:

  • Login Using 12 Most Popular Social Networks
  • Configure Each Social Accounts by Adding Few Authorization Details
  • Enable/Disable Any Social Media As Per your Choice
  • Choose the Area to Display Social Login Button
  • 30 Pre-designed Social Login Button Templates
  • Use Shortcode to Display Social Login on Any Page/Post
  • Use Widget to Display Social Login
  • Compatible with BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads

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If you want to know more about this plugin then, you can go through its detailed review: A perfect WP plugin that allows login to WordPress using social accounts- AccessPress Social Login

WooCommerce Social Login

WooCommerce Social Login is a standalone WordPress plugin to enable the fastest way for your customer to login/register to your WordPress website. It supports 12 different social media network that can be manually enabled/disabled to add them on the login form, check out form, or registration form on your WordPress website.

It is a simple plugin that comes with drag and drop functionality to change the order of your social networks. Also, you can fetch the visual representation for the registration of each social media networks. Besides, the plugin is compatible with different 3rd party WordPress plugins such as WPML, Yoast, bbPress, BuddyPress, Minify or W3 Total Cache.

Major Feature of WooCommerce Social Login:

  • Add Social Login on Login Form, Checkout Form, or Registration Form
  • Drag and Drop Ordering of Social Media
  • One Click Registration
  • Seamless Integration
  • Supports 12 Different Social Networks
  • Statistical Representation for Social Media Registration
  • Account Management Tools
  • Compatible with 3rd Party Plugins

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User Pro

User Pro is the best selling WordPress plugin to add social auth login feature on your website. It comes with different options to customize the plugin and add different types of registration forms and login buttons. Besides, the plugin contains many other features like enabling membership payment, adding user badges, etc.

It is a versatile WordPress plugin for add social login button. You can reorder your social media login button using drag and drop methodology. Besides, the plugin comes with 4 pre-designed skins for your social login button. Additionally, it contains 350+ FontAwesome icons and unlimited Google fonts to customize the fonts.

Major Features of User Pro:

  • 4 Ready to Use Button Skins
  • Supports 5 Major Social Networks
  • Intuitive Drag and Drop Interface
  • Create Multiple Registration Form or Login Form
  • 350+ FontAwesome Icons and Unlimited Google Fonts
  • Additional CSS Supported
  • Translation Ready (Full Integration with WPML)
  • RTL Supported

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Social Login for WordPress

Social Login for WordPress is a complete plugin for managing social auth login for your WordPress website. It supports 9 major social media network to allow your audience to login to your website with the help of their favourite social account. The social networks include: Google, Facebook, Github, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Dribbble, OpenID, and Yahoo.

It is an easy to use plugin that comes with easy installation and configuration options for configuring your social media login buttons. Besides, you can add MailChimp, Envato purchase verification and Google Re-captcha on your login form for your security concern for spams.

Major Feature of Social Login for WordPress:

  • Supports 9 Major Social Media Networks
  • Force Email Grabbing
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • bbPress Supported
  • Integrated with MailChimp
  • Envato Verification
  • BuddyPress Supported
  • Google Re-Captcha

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BS Input

BS Input is a premium WordPress plugin that allows your users to login or register to your website using their favourite social media account. It is integrated with 4 major social networks i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn. Besides, the plugin comes with 2 different social media login button design variation to add the best matching auth login button on your WordPress website.

It is an ultimate WordPress social login plugin that comes with a site lock feature. The site lock feature will hide the content of your website with popup for the non-registered user of your website. You can customize the color, background, font on the site locker. Moreover, you can add 6 different animation effects on the popup model of your registration form.

Major Features of BS Input:

  • Social Integration of 4 Major Social Networks
  • Supports WooCommerce and BuddyPress
  • Add Social Login Button on WooCommerce Checkout Form
  • Site Lock Feature Non Logged in Users
  • Custom Shortcodes for Login/Registration Form
  • 2 Different Styles for Social Buttons
  • More than 6 Animations for Popup Model
  • Built-in Translation System

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Wrapping Up

These are our handpicked list of the best WordPress social login plugins to add the OAuth login feature on your WordPress website. They contain a mixture of simple and advanced to make the website login easier and convenient to the users. So, if you want to add social OAuth login feature on your website then, you can use any of the above-mentioned plugins for a reasonable price.

We hope the article is helpful to you to find out the best WordPress social login plugins available. However, there are still many more out there on the internet. So, if you think we have missed your favourite social login plugin then, feel free to share us on the comment box below.

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