6 Best WordPress Rich Snippets Plugins


Have you ever wondered why some websites have more information displayed in the search engines like ratings, images, etc? It is due to the Rich snippets and those Google rich snippets are added via plugins that will help you to display images, star ratings, phone numbers, address, location, time and many more as the additional information on the website search ranking. The typical snippets plugin includes a meta description, title, and URL whereas the rich snippets plugins come with extra information like ratings, reviews, etc.

What are rich snippets?

Basically when a user goes to the search engine and enters what they want to know, then there will be a series of results. This is known as snippets. And then the users will decide whether to click through that page or not.

The rich snippets are also similar, but with some more information. The additional information will display on your website search ranking like star ratings, images, article information, and more about the content on the page. It is perfect to upgrade your ranking on search engine results and Google. These plugins are a very important part of blogs and business sites because rich snippets can increase the click-through rate of your site dramatically.

What to Look In WordPress Rich Snippet Plugins?

There are many aspects that you need to look at while you are looking for WordPress Rich Snippets Plugins. First, you need to look for the existing SEO plugins because they might have the functionality to add in the rich snippets plugin. After that, you need to look out for the pricing if you are on a tight budget. But sometimes, you don’t get the value of the product that you have paid.

Next, you have to look for the functionality of the plugin, whether the plugin includes the required function or not. The final and the main thing you need to look at is that there are some issues or not with other plugins that you have installed on your website.

Let’s have a look on the list of some of the best WordPress rich snippets plugins:

Schema Pro

Schema Pro - Best WordPress Rich Snippets Plugin

Schema Pro is a feature-rich WordPress plugin that helps you add proper JSON-LD schema markup to your site. After the installation of this plugin, it gives you a helpful setup wizard to configure basic global schema for your site. This plugin is suitable for a wide range of websites and content types that come with lots of great options.

The plugin displays the information with ratings and votes which encourages users to visit your page. It is the perfect plugin that will help display the key information in search engine results. The plugin supports 13 different types of schema including everything from reviews to recipes.


Schema Pro costs $79 for unlimited sites where you will get one year of support/updates. Also, you can purchase a lifetime license for $249.

WP Review Pro

WP Review Pro - Best WordPress Rich Snippets Plugin

WP Review Pro is a premium WordPress rich snippets plugin that offers rich snippets for a number of different schema types, well beyond reviews. This plugin is beautifully designed for publishing professional-looking reviews on WordPress websites that will showcase your user’s ratings and reviews.

With the help of this plugin, you can create comparison tables that will make your visitors easy to compare the different options available to them in one convenient location. It comes with clean code optimized for Google as well as it is WooCommerce integrated.


It will cost you $87.

All In One Schema Rich Snippets

All In One Schema Rich Snippets - Best WordPress Rich Snippets Plugin

All in One Schema Rich Snippets is simple and easy to use WordPress rich snippets plugin that includes multiple rich snippet options. This plugin supports nine types of schema i.e. events, people, products, recipes, reviews, software applications, videos, articles, and services. This plugin integrates seamlessly into your WordPress dashboard where you will not get any trouble using this tool on your website.

The plugin doesn’t add schema markup to your site automatically. It is updated on a regular basis and gives support for more types of content that is on the roadmap for future releases.


It’s free.

WP Product Review

WP Product Review - Best WordPress Rich Snippets Plugin

WP Product Review is the best rich snippets plugin that comes with many amazing customization options. This plugin is great if you want to turn the posts and pages on your website into professional-looking reviews. You can control the position of the review box with shortcodes by using this plugin. It lets you collect comments from users and accept user reviews.


You need to pay $75 for a single-site license. And if you want the Amazon import feature, then you need the $299 package.

Schema App Structured Data

Schema App Structured Data - Best WordPress Rich Snippets Plugin

Schema App Structured Data is a flexible rich snippet WordPress plugins that comes with premium-like features. It includes markup for pages, authors, categories, posts, tags, and breadcrumbs. You can easily install and activate this plugin for free and this version will add basic rich snippets to your content automatically.

This plugin creates markup automatically so you don’t have to enter additional information for each page on your website. It is perfect for those who are running the WooCommerce store because Schema App has an eCommerce extension that can add rich snippets to your product pages.


It’s free and if you want more additional features then you can upgrade to the pro version that will cost you $15 per month, and the full-featured pro version is a pricey $37 per month.

KK Star Rating

KK Star Rating - Best WordPress Rich Snippets Plugin

KK Star Rating is one of the most popular WordPress plugins that come with the option where you can enable rich snippet markup for your site, therefore, the star rating is shown in the search engine result page. This plugin is simple and easy to use so install the plugin from your WordPress admin panel.

After the activation of the plugin, you will see the setting option in the admin panel also, you will get the shortcode option in the WordPress editor. It makes sure that your ratings appear in the search engines. This plugin includes a useful feature where you have the option to set up unique voting depending on the IP.


It is the free version.

Wrapping Up

If you want to drive more traffic to your website, then the above WordPress Rich Snippet plugins listed are the best choice. All these plugins are user-friendly, accessible, and will help you control over schema.

Which rich snippets WordPress plugin are you using? Or want to recommend other plugins that should be on this list? Then just share your thoughts in the comments below.

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