7 Best WordPress Plugins to Add and Manage Ads on Your Website


It is no news that advertisements are among the best ways to monetize your website. But you knew that already, which is why you might have already sought some ad management WordPress plugins to help you.

It means that you are looking for an effective way to find and showcase ads on your site. Or possibly, you are reconsidering how you have been doing ad management on your site. Either way, you could benefit from some smart choices.

Whether you want to encourage students to click on the write my essay ad or encourage that curious shopper to upgrade one’s phone, you need a tool that will find the right ads that will resonate with your site’s content. The plugins in this list will help you find the best ads, sell ad spots, and help you monitor how much you do earn.


As the plugin advertises, AdSanity will simplify ad management for your WordPress site. The plugin is designed to be light enough to load your advertisements quickly. With AdSanity, you can:

  • Feature ad network and custom ads;
  • Place group ads on categories;
  • Display ads using widgets;
  • Place ads within your content;
  • Customize the ad spaces;
  • Publish infinite or date-based ads.

Apart from these features, AdSanity comes with a suite of add-ons integrated to stretch its core functionalities. In addition, you can also monitor your ads and gather data on how they are performing. Along with widgets, you can also use shortcodes and template tags to place ads anywhere on your site.


  • Just the Basics at $49 per year gives you access to core functionalities and basic add-ons.
  • All-in-one at $149 per year comes with pro add-ons as well
  • All-in-one for Life at $489 is a lifetime plan with all perks

Ads Pro Plugin

Ads Pro takes ad management to a whole new level that it seems like ads are the only thing you need to run a website. The plugin features over 20 ways to advertise on your website. So whatever your theme or content may be, the tool will find a way to display an ad on your webpages seamlessly.

With Ads Pro, you get:

  • Over 25 ad templates;
  • 3 Billing models including Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Minute (CPM), and Cost Per Days (CPD);
  • 4 Payment methods including Paypal, Stripe, Bank Transfer, WooCommerce, and Free Ads Manager integration;
  • Online statistics and analysis for each buyer;
  • Front end order form;
  • Bank end order manager.

Most importantly, Ads Pro will ensure that your site bypasses ad blockers, guaranteeing that your ads get as many views as possible. The plugin also makes it easier for your buyers to manage their ads on your site.


Ads Pro comes with standard Envato Licensing at $57.

WP in Post Ads

This ultimate management plugin is best suited to create in-post ads for your WordPress web pages. WP in Post Ads comes with the ability to display ads before or after content, or after a certain number of paragraphs into the content. Optionally, you can also manually insert your ads using a shortcode.

With WP in Post Ads, you get to:

  • Perform A/B Split Test to find the best positions for your ads;
  • Keep track of impressions;
  • Display ads on a specific date;
  • Hide ads after a particular date, or number of days;
  • Offer ad-version of your site to members;
  • Integrate ads with Google analytics;
  • Control ads on each post separately.

This plugin falls behind in its lack of display options compared to those on the list. However, bear in mind that as the name suggests, WP in Post Ads focuses on ad management within your posts, not in sidebars or widgets. Moreover, the plugin is also supported by almost all WordPress themes.


  • 1 Site License priced at $29;
  • 3 Sites License comes at $39;
  • Unlimited Sites are available at $49.

Ultimate Ads Manager

As obvious from the name, Ultimate Ads Manager will let you handle all aspects of advertisements on your website. You can create, manage, and automate advertisements anywhere on your site. The plugin also comes with Elementor integration and works well well with shortcodes as well.

Ultimate Ads Manager allows you to:

  • Decide where you want to feature the ads;
  • Access ad statistics right from your admin dashboard;
  • Integrate ads with Google Analytics;
  • Receive reports every week via email;
  • Calculate the total and individual views for each ad;
  • Grouping and scheduling of ads.

As the plugin integrates seamlessly with the WordPress admin dashboard, you can easily and efficiently handle the tool. The premium version is highly recommended if your site has regular and heavy traffic.


  • Free plan but lacks some of the useful features such as Google Analytics integration;
  • The basic plan is billed annually at $5. 82 per month;
  • Enterprise plan billed annually at $29.99 per month.


This full-service advertising tool can help you easily monetize your website using advertisements. Using AdRotate, you can display both your own adverts and ads from third-party networks such as AdSense, Google AdSense, Amazon Affiliates, and more.

AdRotate allows you to:

  • Place random ads or selected campaigns anywhere on your site;
  • Work with any advert system;
  • Manage assets, media, and adverts in groups;
  • Track your campaigns with clicks, impressions and calculate the CTR;
  • Disguise adverts to bypass ad blockers;
  • Disable ads automatical;y after their expiration date;
  • Place adverts anywhere using PHP snippets;
  • Get notified when ads are close to expiry;
  • Geo Target ads are based on location.

You can also sell ads to individuals and receive payments via PayPal. Once the ads are set up, you can send them personalized stats as well. Advertisers will also be able to preview their ads on your site. The plugin is easy to use, yet has all the professional features you seek in an ad management plugin.


AdRotate is available for free at WordPress.org. However, the Pro version connects you to some of the exclusive features of the plugin. AdRotate Pro is priced at:

  • $39 for a single site;
  • $49 for two sites.

Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads is one of the free plugins available that works best with Google Adsense. That said, it is no stranger to other ad networks such as Amazon ads or media.net. Though the plugin is free, it also gives you access to premium add-ons that extends its features at a cost.

Advanced Ads allow you to:

  • Display and manage an unlimited number of ads;
  • Insert ad codes from any network, including JSS, HTML, PHP, status images, or shortcodes;
  • Schedule your ads based on start or expiry date;
  • Load ads only when users scroll to their spot on your site;
  • Automate ads for AMP or create dedicated AMP ads;
  • Set up ads differently for desktop and mobile to enhance performance;
  • Track your ads, clicks, impressions, and share the reports.

The most attractive feature of Advanced Ads might be the option to connect with Google AdSense accounts. It will help you comply with rules, as well as convert ads automatically for AMP.

You can get add-ons such as Advanced Ads Pro, Selling Ads, Geo-Targeting, Tracking, Sticky Ads, Popup, and Layer Ads, Slider. These will give you better control over ads and offer a comprehensive understanding of how they perform in your site.

Pricing :

  • Advanced Ads-free at WordPress.org;
  • Advanced Ads Pro at $39 for one site;
  • Advanced Ads All Access at $69 for a single site and access to add-ons;
  • Advanced Ads All Access at $169 for one site with long term support.


Formerly known as the WP Pro Advertising system, Adning has been revamped to become one of the simplest yet advanced WordPress advertising plugins versions. This optimized solution can be used to:

  • Upload ads using the drag-and-drop action;
  • Create responsive ads;
  • Evade ad-blockers to maximize the views;
  • Receive statistics on your ads;
  • Upload HTML5 banner packages anywhere on site;
  • Enable geo-targeting for ads;
  • Access frontend ad manager;
  • Create floating content for ads;
  • Integrate with Google Adsense;
  • Allow users to create and manage their own ads;
  • Have multiple billing contracts, such as CPC, CPV, and CPD.

You also get to display ads in different formats such as popup adam animations, background takeover ads, ad grids, and more. In total, there are over 18 predefined advertising zones, allowing you to utilize every corner of your site for creative advertising. Adning also lets you create ads for integrations such as WooCommerce, bbPress, and BuddyPress.


Adning is available at Envato with a regular license priced at $29.

Which One Should You Pick?

The choices for advertisement plugins have evolved significantly. You can pick plugins depending on what type of control you want over the ads. If you want to sell directly, then one like AdRotate Pro might do you right. When it comes to most display options, plugins such as Adning has the upper hand.

The thing is, you no longer have to set aside time to seek out ads and manage them. The process can be enhanced and automated from A to Z with the help of these ad management plugins. Make sure you download one and press the switch on ad-automation.

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