The Best Plugin to Manage and Design WordPress Blogs – WP Blog Manager

How would you like to give your blog a new look every day, that too without a designer? No designer. No long tedious hours of work. No coding skills required. You can have your blog designed with 100 + stunning, responsive, creative and powerful designs with the best plugin to manage and design WordPress blog – WP Blog Manager.

Your vision of a powerful and beautiful blog with minimal time and effort is finally coming to life with WP Blog Manager. Design your website with your own hands, with ease, using this plugin.

Create your categories, posts and select from the design layout library from WP Blog Manager Plugin – your archive page and blog detail page will be all ready with beautiful designs to go live! No coding skill needed at all.    

Here is a short description of how you can build the blog of your choice using WP Blog Manager.

If you wish to check out a more detailed version of the instruction below, please check our documentation page by clicking here

Product Documentation

  1. Install and Activate the plugin.
  2. Click on WP Blog Manager menu in WordPress left admin menu.
  3. You will now reach to WP Blog Manager Builder Page. This builder page is the first step to building your blog. From this builder page you can add blog’s post from taxonomies, categories, terms, custom meta data, popular post and create your blogs by managing the required settings for the blog.wp blog manager builder page
  4. From the “Post Settings” of the builder page, you can filter the posts through categories,terms,custom field,search keyword and many more. This tab also includes the taxonomies/categories,custom field,search keyword,popular post tab.
  5. While building your blog, you can also show posts associated with certain custom fields. If you want to show posts associated with certain custom fields then enable this option. Once you enable the custom fields, you can choose the condition for custom fields as shown in the screenshot below :

wp blog manager custom field

  1. Here while building blogs with WP Blog Manger, you can even enable the filter keyword search to show posts based on a keyword search. So now, if you enter the keyword to search the post that is related to the keyword, for example if the keyword is Hello then it will display posts that match the search term “Hello”wp blog manager search keyword
  2. Not just this much, you can even choose the option to show your posts with reference to their popularity. So if you desire to show the popular posts then you can enable this option. You can choose popular post by either view or comment count.

Once you have completed all these procedures, you can now give your blog a perfect look by using 100+ layouts that are available with this plugin.

The crazily dynamic layouts are one of the reasons why WP Blog Manager is called the best plugin to manage and design WordPress blog. When we said, you can give your blog a new look every day with the plugin, we were not bluffing it at all. This plugin has 7 different layout types to show the blogs in different styles.

If you would like to view all the demos that are shown briefly below – please click here


wp blog manager layouts


Grid Layout

WP Blog Manager provides 30 pre designed beautiful,responsive grid templates ready to use. Full controls of columns in desktop,mobile or tablet.

wp blog manager grid layout

List Layout

19 pre designed list templates.Manage right or left image position. wp blog manager list layout

Masonry Layout

Seven pre designed ready to use Masonry template.

wp blog manager masonry layout

Timeline Layout

Eight pre designed Horizontal Timeline templates Three vertical pre designed Timeline templates.

wp blog manager timeline layout

Magazine Layout

10 pre designed Magazine template.Slider configuration on the sidebar images.Full control on number of vertical slides,control,auto and speed.

wp blog manager magazine layout

Carousel Layout

15 pre designed carousel template. Full control on number of slides to show, the transition speed, pager,autoplay,controls and many other settings.

wp blog manager caraousel layout

Slider Layout

10 pre designed slider template. Full control on transition speed, pager,autoplay,controls and many other settings.

This is not an end to the dynamism of the plugin, or rather put, there is no end to the dynamic varieties of features that comes up with this plugin.

Along with the choices of layout designs, you also can choose from :

  • 5 stunning image filters templates to introduce your blog posts in a unique way.
  • 5 each templates for standard and load more pagination.
  • 16 available loader images to show load more and infinite scroll pagination.
  • 14 different date formats
  • Multiple media types (as this plugin supports Implement Image, YouTube video, Vimeo, HTML video,Soundcloud audio and slider media types on any layout templates for each blog post.)

Lets see through some features that this plugin to manage and design blogs provides in terms of posts and pages :

  • Supports any post /post types and custom taxonomies/categories
  • Lots of configuration option to filter post from all possible wp queries condition.
  • Show post from all possible taxonomies or categories queries of wp.
  • Show posts based on a search keyword.
  • Show popular post from view or comments.
  • Sort retrieved posts from order and order by parameters.
  • Show posts associated with certain status.
  • Show the post detail page from post link or custom link.
  • Show full length or excerpt length of post content.
  • Automatically generated shortcode which can be added to any post,page or templates.
  • Enable or disable the share link of post in different social media.
  • Enable/Disable the meta data of posts i.e categories,tags,author, comment count and date.

You also have the privilege of free regular updates, and excellent customer support with this plugin. If you want, you can take full advantage of the feature to preview in back end – so that you can test with ease before going live on your site.

WP Blog Manager, truly justifies itself as the best plugin to manage and design WordPress blogs. You have a hundred different layouts to choose from, have an option to get things your way while putting up posts and pages, it works with all themes and on all devices, and customer support is merely a click away. This one plugin is all the effort you need to put for creating a perfect blog, and giving your blog a new look every other day.

We have for you kept the documentation, demo, purchase links of this plugin down below – so that you can see for yourself what the best plugin to manage and design WordPress blogs looks like.

          Demo Link  Purchase Link  Documentation Link Plugin’s Video Tutorial

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