5 Best Payment Gateway Plugins for WordPress Users (Make your WordPress blog / website accept wide range of online payment options)

If you are an online business owner, then a secure payment gateway integration might be the most concerning issue that needs to be taken into consideration. Though WordPress doesn’t have any default option that supports to integrate payment gateway on your website. Fortunately, it comes with a large number of payment plugins to help from this nightmare situation.

Now, you may think that you just need to install a payment gateway plugin from the WordPress directory, then activate the plugin, and the problem gets solved.

But, that’s not the case you are thinking of..!

As you will get a lot of payment plugins in WordPress, how can you be sure about which one is the best quality plugin for you?

Installing an insecure WordPress payment plugin can cause total disruption in your entire system. That’s why you need to figure out the quality WordPress payment plugin to have a secure payment transaction on your website.

To keep this case in my mind, in this article, I will discuss the best payment gateway plugins in WordPress to obliterate your all confusion.

Best Payment Gateway Plugins to Consider

There are tons of plugins in the WordPress directory, let’s take a look at some of the hand-picked quality WordPress payment plugins. This will help you to find the best-suited one for serving your purposes. All the plugins collected here are tested and compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

1. WPPayForm


WPPayForm by WPManageNinja is one of the fastest-growing WordPress payment form builder plugins that accept multiple payment gateways. The plugin is freemium in type with an extensive amount of features for its users. Being a freemium plugin, the plugin has a free and a pro version. This drag and drop based payment form plugin offers a bunch of advanced features to accelerate the process of your payment gateway integration that makes the whole payment process more scalable.

Using WPPayForm, you can use any card payment method through the Stripe gateway. There are 10+ drag & droppable input fields available within the plugin that makes payment form creation smoother and easier. You will also get a number of prebuilt payment form templates using the plugin. 

Major Features:

  • Easy interface 
  • Responsive payment form creation
  • Drag & drop based form builder
  • Organized entry management system
  • 10+ input fields
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Stripe and PayPal integration
  • Pre-built payment form templates

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2. Stripe Payments


The Stripe Payments plugin is one of the fast-growing WordPress payment plugins that accept the Stripe payment gateway for its users. You can use this shortcode friendly payment plugin for serving your purposes efficiently. There is a remember me feature available with the plugin and allow you to go with a single click payment procedure.

Using the Stripe Payments plugin, you can have a responsive design that is compatible with all the devices. All the transactions that happened by the plugin are captured in the orders menu of the plugin.

Major Features:

  • Easy to install and setup
  • Smooth payment transaction 
  • Multiple “Buy Now” buttons 
  • Collecting tax for products
  • Save card data 
  • Single-click payment procedure
  • Customize the message on the thank you page
  • Customize the pricing display

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3. WP Simple Pay


WP Simple Pay is another freemium payment plugin for WordPress users. Using this plugin you can start accepting credit card payments with Stripe payment gateway. You can use a stripe payment gateway with a painless process. This plugin will provide you an optimized payment checkout process using Stripe.

There are two additional plugins integration with this awesome plugin. One is Affiliate WP in the free version and another is Easy Pricing Tables in the pro version. Let’s take a look at the major features of the plugin:

Major Features:

  • Unlimited payment form creation
  • Mobile responsive 
  • Support multiple languages with 100+ currencies
  • Coupon code supported
  • Installment plans for subscriptions
  • Accept payment using Apple Pay, Microsoft Pay, and Google Pay
  • Optional varification process using zip/postal code
  • Developer friendly 

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4. Easy Digital Downloads


Easy Digital Download is a full eCommerce solution for accepting payments with Stripe payment gateway. You can integrate Stripe payment gateway on your website simply using a shortcode. You can allow your customers to purchase multiple downloadable products. Discount coupon code can be created using the plugin on your site.

Moreover, the plugin allows you to use a large number of add-ons of gateway categories in order to add extra functionalities to your payment method. They are developed and supported by the 3rd party developers. Let’s take a look at the major features of the plugin:

Major Features:

  • PayPal integration in the free version
  • Stripe integration in the pro version
  • Best suited for an eCommerce marketplace
  • Support gateway category 
  • BitPay and Coinbase supported
  • PayPal adaptive payment with SOFORT banking facility

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5. WordPress Stripe Plugin


WordPress Stripe Plugin allows you to integrate Stripe payment gateway on your website. You can get paid for providing any services or selling any product through your website using the Stripe payment gateway. Customers can operate the plugin staying from the single page, they don’t need to go to another page to complete the whole process.

All the payment submissions using the plugin are made through a secure HTTPS connection. In this case, you need to serve the page over HTTPS means your website needs to be SSL certified. You can use almost any type of credit cards like American Express, Master Card, JCB, erCard, and so on. Let’s take a look at the major features of the plugin:

Major Features:

  • Easy payment procedure 
  • Stripe payment gateway integration
  • Accept almost any type of credit card
  • Mobile ready experiences for the users
  • Optimized payment form design
  • 12 different languages by 25 countries supported
  • Real-time free reporting facility

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Wrapping Up

Choosing the right payment plugin and integrating into your website can be the best bet for your online business. There are tons of payment plugins out there in the market that could be a daunting task for you to figure out the best-suited one.

If I have an option to choose a single one from the rest, I would go for WPPayForm as the plugin provides me a bunch of advanced features with the ease of use. The scalability of the plugin is very high and it provides Stripe payment gateway entirely free of cost. Moreover, you can get the PayPal integration purchasing the pro version of the plugin.

All the plugins listing here is based on quality, some are launched very early and some are launched in lately but each plugin is full of quality. I hope you enjoyed and liked the article as it may help you to learn more about the best authentic payment gateway plugins in WordPress. If you still have any queries regarding the payment plugin, feel free to share your thoughts by commenting in the comment box.

Author Bio:

Sazzadul Bari is a digital marketing strategist at WPManageNinja and also the man behind BlogCD, specializing in content writing and lead gen. He loves to play with words and has a flair for writing on a variety of topics.

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