Top 5 Instagram Feed WordPress plugins 2020

Instagram feed plugins

Introduced just a few years ago, Instagram is one of the fastest growing and popular social networks. The interesting Instagram figures signify that it is equally important to connect Instagram to your website like other social networks i.e.  Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.  So, in this blog, I will discuss the best Instagram Feed WordPress plugins to integrate Instagram to your WordPress website.

Instagram features the great photo and video sharing platform. Instagram integration in a WordPress website can add a great value with more engaging content and driving more traffic to the site. To catch this opportunity of communicating beautifully with the website users, WordPress plugins provide an easy solution.

There are a plenty of free and premium Instagram Feed WordPress plugins on the web, however, it is painstaking to find some great ones. So, in this blog, we present you a handful of selected WordPress Instagram Feed plugins along with its brief description of how it works.

1. AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro

AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro

Among many free and premium Instagram feeds WordPress plugins, AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro is a simple yet a modern feature-rich Instagram plugin. It provides adequate options to display the Instagram feeds in a customized way choosing from multiple choices. The download figures of its Lite version seem quite interesting since its recent release.

AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro is easy to install and use. There are mainly two steps of plugin settings (Display settings and Layout settings) to connect Instagram.

The display settings of AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro consist of filtering option to filter (allow or block) images according to specific keywords, sort the images (according to date, likes, comment or in random order). Besides, this section will also let you enable/disable the Instagram link, user image, username, image like counts, image comment counts and many more.

It provides 16 different layouts to display Instagram feeds in the website. One can find the options in the layout settings.

AccessPress Instagram Feed Layout Selection

To define the Instagram user, you must enter the username, user ID, and access token and save settings. Then, you are almost done.


Download AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro for an awesome Instagram integration in the simplest form.

2.Taggbox Instagram Widget Plugin  

Taggbox Widget is the best Instagram widget plugin for WordPress websites with a simple and interactive interface to integrate Instagram feeds on websites. It allows you to embed Instagram feeds in the most fashionable and attractive way.

You will get astonishing features like personalization, moderation, as well as analytics to make Instagram feeds look more attractive, engaging, relevant, and compelling.

Using the Taggbox Widget plugin is an effortless job, it will only take three steps to collect and display beautiful Instagram feeds on your website.

First, install the Taggbox Widget plugin and create your account.

taggbox widget

Second, create your widget and connect with your Instagram account to curate, customize, and moderate Instagram feeds.

You can choose from several themes, backgrounds, styles, designs, to make your feeds interactive and engaging. Also, you can change colors, fonts, as well as the size of the feeds as per your website.

instagram widget

Last, click on the Copy button to copy the shortcode and paste it on your page or post.

Click on Preview to check Instagram Widget and then click on Publish to live feeds on your web page.

tagbox plugin

Get exponential traffic and user engagement with the Instagram widget plugin and display attractive Instagram feeds on your website.

3. InstaLink


InstaLink is one of the popular Instagram. Instalink mainly provides three ways to display Instagram photos on the WordPress website: Username, Hashtag, and Username filtered by hashtag. It lets you beautifully present the Instagram images like a responsive photo gallery.

There are three easy ways to setup Instalink: WordPress shortcode, Visual composer element, and WordPress widget. It is easy to customize WordPress Instagram feed plugin. One can easily change the size of images, choose colors of background heading and text.

Instalink settings

It is fully responsive and retina ready. One can display an unlimited number of photos with a scroll on the website.

InstaLink demo

Get Instalink for more flexible Instagram feed options in your WordPress webs

4. WD Instagram Feed

WD Instagram Feed

WD Instagram Feed is a simple and stylish free Instagram feed WordPress plugin. Though it is a free plugin, the awesome download figures in the plugin repository seem promising for every new user. It is basically a basic plugin to display Instagram feeds elegantly on the WordPress website.

Once you install WD Instagram Feed, you can start customizing the plugin easily. There are multiple styles for customizing the display of your Insta feeds.

WD Instagram Feed Settings

Download WD Instagram Feed for FREE if you want the best Instagram solution in an economic way.

5. Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed WordPress Plugin

Finally, I can’t resist including Instagram Feed in the list because it is the most downloaded Instagram plugin in the WordPress plugin repository. The main features are mobile ready, completely customizable, shortcode options, Follow on the Instagram button. It has all the most used features.

It is really easy to set up this plugin to display the Instagram photos beautifully on the WordPress site.

Instagram Feed settings

Download Instagram Feed FREE. (Note: Instagram Feed Pro is the premium version of the plugin for more features.)

Wrapping Up

I picked up these plugins honestly considering various aspects including the usability, features, support etc. However, I might be missing something more like these or even better than these. Feel free to suggest any such.

Let me know if it was useful to you. Connect Instagram and keep sharing!  🙂

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8 Thoughts on Top 5 Instagram Feed WordPress plugins 2020
    10 Mar 2017
    10:02 AM

    Thanks Laurie for sharing your experience.
    Hope you find the perfect one now.

    16 Jun 2017
    10:57 AM

    Hello Eric,
    You can try above mentioned InstaLink or AccessPress Instagram Pro for this feature.

    Danial Wilson
    16 Jun 2017
    12:11 PM

    All plugins are really nice. It will help me.
    Thanks and keep sharing.

      3 Jul 2017
      1:04 PM

      Sure, Danial. Stay tuned 🙂

    20 Jun 2017
    4:18 AM

    Are any of these responsive? I’m assuming they are, but figured I’d ask. Thanks!

      3 Jul 2017
      1:03 PM

      Yes, most of the plugins in the list are responsive.

    Francesco Micali
    31 Aug 2017
    3:14 PM

    There is also Enjoy Instagram, a responsive plugin to publish Instagram feed on WordPress website.
    It also have a MODERATION PANEL that allows you to decide which pictures to
    publish and which ones to reject .

    The MODERATION PANEL is useful for a particular event, conference or party to publish only pictures that you want with a particular #hashtag.

    7 Jan 2018
    3:16 PM

    Thank you Juliet for recommending Pixlee’s Social Feed for Instagram. It’s indeed a good plugin.


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