The best Hotel WordPress Theme for 2021 – Swing 2.0 (now with a major update)

Swing has been the most beloved and best hotel WordPress theme for a long time. And now due to the love received by Swing, we bring to you Swing 2.0. An updated, revised and improved version of the earlier hotel WordPress theme. This new version is a lot more exciting than the previous one, as it is not only power-packed with great additional features but also has better customization options.

As we know, the hospitality industry is broad in itself and there are thousands of competitors in the global market. It is very important to distinguish your industry from the existing one to gain a magnificent position. For the sole purpose of gaining a magnificent position here is the updated theme Swing 2.0. It offers beautiful design and high coding quality which can help you showcase your unique accommodations to the world and attract more visitors to your website.

This WordPress theme is so versatile that can be used with Corporate and Agency Websites. The different demo templates like a jungle resort, beach spa resort, luxury hotel, city hotel, and apartment will help you to present the features of your industry effortlessly. Similarly, the WP Hotel Booking plugin helps you to easily manage your rooms listings, customer bookings, and reservations online, pricing plans and coupons. The updated features in Swing are –  added new layout, added new apartment demo, added a new feature for awards, new search room widget, refined designs and also added room display layouts which makes the Swing, a perfect hotel WordPress theme for 2021.

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Features :

Here are all the major features of this hotel WordPress theme. To know more about the updated features keep reading.

5 Ready to use Starter Sites!

You can build your hotel website with 5 easily importable pre-designed starters in just a few minutes. You can import all the starter websites in just one click.

The starter websites include –

  1. Jungle Resort Demo
  2. Beach Spa Resort Demo
  3. Luxury Hotel Demo
  4. City Hotel Demo
  5. Apartment Demo 

Made for Hotel and Resorts

The templates are made for adventure resorts, apartments, bnb, hotels, motels, tours, and travel,

Great room pages for better conversion!

There is a great design of the individual room page, including room photo gallery, amenities, iconic design.
The most engaging room page design for more conversion is available.

Configure / Manage Rooms

You can show your visitors a wide range of rooms and all their features with pride and in a style which can help in attracting more customers.

Configure Room Booking Calendar

The room booking calendar of swing can help in configure and manage all your rooms and guests in an efficient way.

Special Sales / Seasonal Prices

You can use the website to display and inform your visitors about all your special sales and seasonal discounts.

Accept and Manage Payments (Paypal / Stripe)

There is an easy way of accepting payments. You can manage all your payments from both PayPal and Stripe.

Use multiple currencies

International guests can easily access the payment process as dealing with different currencies is easy with Swing.

Easily manage pricing plans

You can create, manage, configure and display prices in the simplest way.

Swiftly manage extra packages

You can manage all the special packages of the store more gracefully.

Video slider at home

You can use a video slider (Slider Revolution) to showcase more features and insight into the templates. It can increase user engagement and conversion.

$66 worth 3 premium plugins in the bundle!

In just $66 you can have 3 premium plugins (Revolution Slider, WP Mega Menu Pro, AccessPress Social Pro) and save money.

WooCommerce compatible

There is the perfect integration of swing and WooCommerce which allows you to sell any of your products/services.

Updated features:

Added New Layout

The new web layout helps in structuring the information present on a site for both website owners and users. It provides clear paths for navigation within webpages and shows the most important elements of a website clearly.

Added new Apartment Demo

Apartment Booking Theme demo – a brand new starter website that has been added in the already large collection of starter websites. You can showcase your apartment in the most elegant way possible, display all fascinating nooks and corners of your apartment, take customer bookings easily and let your customers navigate through your apartment, all via the demo.

Added new feature for awards with shortcode option

With the help of new features of adding awards, you can add various achievements your hotel/resort/apartment has acquired which can enhance your reputation in front of your customers, and likely will result in more sales.

Added new search room widget.

The new search room widget will help your customers to book the desired rooms instantly and will save their time and efforts.

Refined designs.

The updated Swing theme is more precise as many minor design changes such as color, text font size, font-family are changed which helps you to customize the theme uniquely.

Added Room Display layouts.

Three layouts of room display are added which provides clear information and its individual features to your customer that aid in having visitors turn into customers.

Here, we present you a full video explaining about features of Swing.

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Wrapping Up,

Thank you for reading all about Swing 2.0. I am sure you are as excited about learning about it, as I was while writing.

It is no mystery that Swing is one of the hotel WordPress themes that provides you everything to create that perfect hotel, resort website. So what are you waiting for ! Get Swing today !!! And if you want to know more about the theme, please check the links below. Happy Swinging.

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