Best Free WordPress Testimonial Plugins (2021 Collection)

Best Free WordPress Testimonial Plugins
Best Free WordPress Testimonial Plugins

Are you searching for the Best Free WordPress Testimonial Plugins (2021 Collection) for your site? Then, here, I’ve compiled the collection of some best testimonials plugins.

The potential customers want to know more about the product before they make their purchase, and testimonials are an effective and best form of social proof. This will help your prospective customers to give an honest evaluation of your business, service, or product.

A photo helps to draw more attention than a text where people identify and empathize with faces. You can place a photo of the person by providing the testimonial next to their words that makes the quote seem more honest and believable. A home page is a good place that can be used to display testimonials for convincing potential customers to go further.

Some of the Best Free WordPress Testimonial Plugins (2021 Collection)

This is the list of some of the Best Free WordPress Testimonial Plugins (2021 Collection) that contain many useful features for displaying the testimonials on your WordPress site perfectly. Let’s have a look:

AP Custom Testimonial

AP Custom Testimonial - Best Free WordPress Testimonial Plugin
AP Custom Testimonial is one of the best free WordPress testimonial plugins which can be used to create multiple testimonials on your websites easily. This plugin is easy to use as it is highly customizable and you do not require any coding knowledge too. Also, you can create unlimited numbers of testimonials with the help of this plugin and display them anywhere on your websites by using shortcodes. It has 5 built-in layouts so choose any of them for displaying the testimonials. Apart from this, you can also add your own custom layout and edit them multiple times using the setting section from the backend.

Major Features:

  • Five pre available template designs
  • Simple settings and Static Shortcode
  • Dynamic Shortcode Generator
  • Responsive and Dedicated Support
  • Dynamic slider control option

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Testimonial Rotator

Testimonial Rotator - Best Free WordPress Testimonial Plugin
Testimonial Rotator is a flexible and modern testimonial WordPress plugin that comes with multiple options to manage the testimonial section. The plugin allows you to display the testimonials on any post or pages by using the generated shortcodes on the website. With this plugin, you can display the testimonials in a form of widgets, custom posts types, or rotators. This plugin is highly customizable that allows you to display testimonials on custom templates. And, the plugin supports a star rating where your customers can rate the product.

Major Features:

  • Change all rotator settings in the admin
  • Add testimonials to multiple rotators
  • Vertical Align Testimonials based on Height
  • Ability to make custom templates
  • Ability to show the Add Rotator section based on User Role

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Easy Testimonials

Easy Testimonials - Best Free WordPress Testimonial Plugin
Easy Testimonial is a stunning free WordPress testimonial plugin which includes lots of amazing features. This plugin has a fully responsive design that works perfectly with any types of devices. It let you add testimonials to the sidebar, like widgets or embed to any posts/pages using shortcodes. The plugin supports the images so you can easily add a photo of the testimonial author. You can insert the entire testimonials either on random order, or on lists, or in a slideshow. And, the plugin uses compliant JSON-LD markup that helps your testimonials to appear in search results beautifully.

Major Features:

  • Adding a Random Testimonial to Your Sidebar
  • Adding Random Testimonials to Your Page
  • Outputting a Sliding and fadingTestimonial Widget
  • Displaying Responsive Testimonials for multiple screen sizes
  • Easily Organizing Testimonials with Testimonial Categories

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Strong Testimonials

Strong Testimonials - Best Free WordPress Testimonial Plugin
Strong Testimonials is a fully responsive free WordPress testimonial plugin which displays the attractive testimonials on your websites easily. This plugin doesn’t require any coding knowledge so, in few steps, you will be collecting and publishing your testimonials or reviews perfectly. It is a standalone plugin that is beautifully built and operated by the friendly folks. You can choose the border of the image you upload along with the written text. All the beginners and pros will appreciate this plugin as it comes with lots of flexible features refined over 4 years from user feedback and requests.

Major Features:

  • Sort by oldest, newest, random, or menu order
  • Excerpts and “Read more” links
  • Featured Images (thumbnails) and Gravatars
  • Embeds (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)
  • Developer-friendly (actions, filters, templates)

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Testimonials Widgets

Testimonials Widgets - Best Free WordPress Testimonial Plugin

Testimonials Widgets is a feature-rich testimonial plugin for WordPress that lets you slide/list the quotes, selected portfolios, reviews, or text with images and video. This plugin comes with multiple display options like random ordering or user-defined order. It includes many customization options that help you to slide the testimonial contents such as images, texts, and video in the best way. The plugin is a simply designed plugin that can adapt easily to any types of WordPress themes. It can be used to insert the testimonials contents via theme functions, shortcodes, or widgets with the category and tag selections.

Major Features:

  • Carousel, fade, and slide transitions
  • Simply styled for easy theme adaption
  • Responsive image slideshow
  • Slide text for rotating testimonials
  • Widget and shortcode ready

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Wrapping Up

This is the collection of some of the Best Free WordPress Testimonial Plugins (2021 Collection) that are carefully handpicked and well tested. All the plugins includes awesome and useful features that wil make your site a perfect one.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to the above plugins then feel free to comment us below.

Or have already used it then give us your feedback which will be really helpful for the newbies.

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