5+ Best Floating Side-Tab, Bar Plugins for WordPress (with features compared)

Floating Side Tab Plugin for WordPress
Floating Side Tab Plugin for WordPress

A sticky/floating side tab (or bar) is one of the best tools for boosting the user engagement and conversion rate of your WordPress website. Here, you can add different call to action elements like email subscription forms, contact forms, social profile icons, or even recent articles/blogs/news about your WooCommerce product or services. All these elements can play a vital role on engaging your site’s visitors and can direct them on other page/post of your site conveniently without clicking on the menu items or opening the new pages on your website.

Sticky/Floating Side Tabs can be added to your WordPress website with the help of WordPress Floating Side Tab Plugins. You can find many Free and Premium WordPress Floating Side Tab Plugins in the web. However, if you are serious about your website, you might have to think carefully about finding the right WordPress plugin. While choosing the plugin you need to go through all the features that the plugin provides you, layouts that the tabs are available in and the positions where the tab can be placed. Besides, you also need to check some other features like place your side tabs absolute or fixed on particular page/posts, color options, responsiveness etc.

Some of the Best Floating Side Tab Plugins for WordPress

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress plugins that allow you to create and add responsive floating side tabs for your WordPress websites. Let’s get started:

Easy Side Tab Pro


Easy Side Tab Pro is a premium floating side tab WordPress plugin that allows you to create elegant side tabs and stick them on the edge position of your website. The plugin consists of 26 beautiful and sleek layout designs for each tab popup contents. The tab popup content includes Twitter Feed, Subscription Form, Recent Post, WooCommerce Product and Social Icons. Moreover, the plugin also consists of 10 different templates that include animation and transitions for the popup and varieties of shape and size of the tab.

Easy Side Tab Pro is a simple yet powerful WP plugin that lets you create unlimited numbers of side tab for your WordPress website. Additionally, the tab created can be placed on 4 different positions of your website i.e. on left, right, bottom left, or bottom right.

Major Features of Easy Side Tab Pro

  • Add Unlimited Side Tabs
  • 26 Beautiful and Sleek Layout Designs for Each Tab Popup Components
  • 10 Eye-catching Tab Templates
  • Custom Designs
  • 4 Position Option for Placement of the Tab
  • Easy Import/Export Side Tab

For the lite version of the plugin, you can download CTA plugin for WordPress – Easy Side Tab

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Side Tabs


Side Tabs is a premium add-on for Layered Popup WordPress Plugin. It allows you to create unlimited number of side tabs and stick them at the edge of your website. The plugin comes with 6 inbuilt demos that can be edited for creating as many popup tabs as your desire.

Side Tabs is an easy to use WP plugin that comes with an easy setup. You can start building your sticky side tabs right after you finish installing the plugin. Moreover, the plugin also consists of various animations and effects for creating the stunning display for your tab popups.

Major Features of Side Tabs

  • Create Unlimited Number of Floating Side Tabs
  • 6 Inbuilt Demo Tabs
  • Custom Icons for Each Tab
  • Different Animations and Effects
  • Fully Responsive
  • Cross Browser

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Smart Sidebars Slider


Smart Sidebars Slider is an amazing WordPress side tab plugin for adding one or more side tabs on your website. On the added side tabs you can add various CTA such as email opt-in, display social media feeds and many more for enhancing the user engagement of your WordPress website.

It is a fully customizable plugin that will provide you fully control over the visibility and sizes of your side tab. Besides, you can also add your own custom color for providing a unique look for each of your sticky bar.

Major Features of Smart Sidebars Slider

  • Add One or More Extra Side Tabs
  • Full Control on the Visibility, Size, and Content of your Side Tabs
  • Fully Customizable Sidebars
  • Auto Position Option for Sidebars
  • jQuery Easing for Extra Animation Effects
  • 6 Built-in Styles for Sidebars

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Popping Sidebars and Widgets


Popping Sidebars and Widgets is a premium sticky floating bar plugin with endless possibilities. It contains 3 types of overlay i.e. full bars, side boxes and popups/lightboxes for creating and adding wow looking sidebars on your WordPress website. Besides, the plugin also contains various position options for the placement of your sticky side tab.

It is a dazzling WP plugin for contains custom responsive templates for your overlay. Also, you can set the visibility of your sidebar according to the assigned user roles of your website.

Major Features of Popping Sidebar and Widgets

  • 3 Types of Sidebar Overlay
  • Various Positions for Displaying Side Tabs
  • Custom Responsive Layouts for your Overlay
  • Set the Custom Visibility of the Sidebars
  • Set Multiple Activation Periods
  • Effects and Animations While Opening and Closing the Sticky Tabs

For the lite version of the plugin, you can download Popping Sidebars and Widgets Light

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WP Floating Menu Pro


WP Floating Menu Pro is a smart WordPress plugin for enhancing the usability of your website by creating one-page navigator and sticky WordPress menu. It is packed with 13 clean and responsive layouts for adding the most favorable sticky bar on your WordPress website. Besides, the plugin also consists of 7 different positions for the placement of your side tabs.

WP Floating Menu Pro is a highly configurable plugin that contains the pagewise configuration options for your tabs. That means you can configure your custom sidebars individually for each page/posts. Moreover, the plugin also features inline navigation option for converting your website into a one-page site.

Major Features of WP Floating Menu Pro

  • 13 Elegant Designed Templates
  • Unlimited Number of Menu/ Sticky Bar on the Site
  • PageWise Configuration Option
  • Unlimited Custom Templates
  • Sticky Tab/Menu Icons to Choose From
  • Sortable Menu Options

For the lite version of the plugin, you can download WP Floating Menu – One page navigator, sticky menu for WordPress

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Wrapping Up

These are some of the Best WordPress Floating Side Tab Plugins for 2021. So, if you want to add a beautiful side tab on your website along with the different call to action components then you can use any of the above-mentioned plugins right away.

Hope the article is helpful for you to find the perfect WordPress plugin for adding Floating Tabs. If you are any suggestions, recommendations, and queries regarding the list then feel free to ask us. Also, if you are the active user of any of the plugins mentioned above then you can share your experience in the comment box below.

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