9 Best Content Tools and Plugins for WordPress

Best Content Tools and Plugins for WordPress

Are you looking for Best Content Tools and Plugins for WordPress?

Content marketing is a powerful tool to bring traffic consisting of a target audience. In the future, your followers can become customers who trust you and are loyal to the business. However, companies often act blindly, developing a content marketing strategy, they do not understand that only a systematic approach and competent analytics contribute to outstanding results. Next, we’ll look at the Best Content Tools and Plugins for WordPress that will take your blog to the next level. But first, let’s talk about without which it would be impossible.

Learn the trends

Successful blogging requires ongoing research. You must combine passion and statistics in your posts. What does this mean? In fact, no one is interested in reading resources that create content solely for their own benefit. They explore key searches popular among users and create articles. However, this is not enough.

In order for the user to want to return to you, again and again, it needs to be lit with a theme. Thus, you need to use an approach where you are both focused on traffic and interested in the topic.

Each has its own theme, if your site has existed for a while, then most likely you have already decided on its direction. Therefore, it is enough within the framework of the topic to find questions that concern or interest the target audience and at the same time catch you. Then, using this information, start working on a useful article. Use the Google Trends tool to identify trends. He will help to understand what is now relevant.

If you find it difficult to decide on a theme, then use BuzzSumo. Likewise, just enter the link and the service will show which publications received the most attention.

Improve your headlines

The headline is an essential part of the text. If you do not convince the user to read the article further in a few words, its creation was in vain. For this reason, the ability to write interesting headlines that make a reader out of a site visitor is extremely important. According to the data 8 out of 10 people read the headlines, while only 2 out of 10 read the entire text. You probably want to learn how to write impressive headlines now. In fact, below are a few approaches to create a headline that will improve the effectiveness of the article.

1. Tell the reader what to do

A powerful tool is the team form for creating headers. Here you need to invite users to perform some action. The text should be clear. Typically, such headings are short and strong.

Example: “Learn to write headlines”

Moreover, it is important to maintain a consistent tone for all headlines. If you have chosen one style, then stick to it. This will help to create impressive headlines and make you want to read the text to the end.

2. Make headings navigation 

Gaining the reader’s attention is an extremely difficult task. Users are so used to switching from one site to another that it will not be difficult for them to do this again. Therefore, if they do not find what they were looking for in a few seconds, they will go on to search further.

As a rule, headings serve as a kind of guidebook for readers. They help to understand the structure of the article and its meaning. Thus, the user can quickly find what he is looking for. In fact, good copywriting is not just text, but a user-friendly design that improves the user experience.

3. Take advantage

Here you need to demonstrate the impact of the product on users. What exactly will the consumer receive from its use. Do without self-centeredness, people don’t buy products for the sake of products, they need sensations and emotions.

Example: Save up to 30% on home heating.

So the consumer understands what real benefits he will receive from the acquisition or from reading the article. Benefits on the face.

Tools and services to improve the effectiveness of content marketing

Well, you made sure that the topic is really interesting for users and they will read the article. To do this, we studied the interests of the target audience and wrote an engaging headline. Next, we compiled a list of tools that will turn content marketing into a stable system.

1. MonsterInsights

Plugin to make Google Analytics friends with WordPress. It correctly installs analytics on the site and makes it possible to view traffic reports without leaving the WordPress admin panel.

MonsterInsights helps you to understand which content has attracted more attention and find out the key sources of traffic. Moreover, you can find out the level of user engagement in order to plan further content. After all, it is as convenient as possible with this tool.


2.Yoast SEO

Each site owner wants to get organic traffic because it is inherently the cheapest, even free. Many underestimate Yoast SEO, for it is intended solely to customize meta tags. The plugin helps to optimize content and increase its effectiveness. A multifunctional toolkit designed to take SEO to a high level.

yoast seo

3.Edit Flow

A popular tool that allows you to engage in content marketing at a professional level. Plan and publish publications, create a posting schedule, and groups of authors. With this plugin, you can do anything regarding effective content planning. It will be especially useful for those who have several writers. Moreover, everything is clear and simple while using it.

edit flow

4. SEMRush

The favorite tool of most SEO experts. And for good reason, because this is one of the best plugins in this category. Allows you to work productively on competitor analysis for SEO optimization. With it, you will collect the keywords on which the competitor is moving forward, you will see sites that link to it and you will analyze the advertising strategy of other market players.

In fact, this tool is suitable for analyzing your activities well. You can evaluate your promotion effectiveness, find keywords by which you can get into the top SERPs.


5. Canva

A service that has become a favorite for most marketers and blog owners. It allows you to create a professional design without the presence of specific skills. Moreover, you do not have to worry about copyright. Canva images are licensed-free. Additionally, you can also purchase a paid subscription with advanced functionality. But believe me, the free version at first will be more than enough. The tool is available on all kinds of modern devices, from the browser version to the mobile application.


6. Revive Old Posts

The best way to get free traffic is through social networks. This plugin will help get the most out of available resources. You may have blog posts that you did not post on social media. If so, then the tool will be very useful.

Likewise, it allows you to automatically post old posts on the social network. A flexible tuning system makes it possible to develop a whole strategy for renewing old records and getting high returns from them.

Revive old posts

7. Grammarly

A terrific tool that WordPress users love. It allows you to ensure high-quality texts without typos. Just install the extension in Google Chrome and it will indicate errors in your WordPress admin panel. The application will underline the word if an error is detected in it. Likewise, it helps to avoid grammatical inaccuracies, which will positively affect the image of the blog.


8. Ivory Research

Any successful blog publishes interesting and quality content. Ivory Research will help you to create texts on a wide variety of topics. Therefore, even if you do not have article writing skills, you can develop a successful content marketing strategy and implement it.

Ivory Research

9. Shared Counts 

A plugin designed to add social media buttons to posts. Displays the share count for each network individually and their total number. The advantages of the tool are its excellent optimization, which allows you to maintain a high page loading speed. Likewise, it provides several button designs, which makes it possible to choose the best option for your site.

Shared counts

10. Smush

A plugin that allows you to compress images without loss of quality. The user-friendly interface will help to optimize images and avoid slowing down the page loading speed.

Resize and do full-time work with graphic content to optimize it. The tool is of high quality, therefore, does not impair the operation of the site. Built-in mass image optimization function. Additionally, you can make changes to 50 pictures at a time. Detects content that slows down speed.

WP Smush


Content marketing is a tool to take a business to a new level. Similarly, it helps to create a positive image, increase recognition, trust and greatly affect site traffic. Its competent use opens up new opportunities for companies. Use the recommendations and tools presented above, and this will help improve your results.

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