7 Best CDN Services to speed up your site

Best CDN Services

Are you looking for some best CDN services to speed up your site speed? Well, the page loading is an official search engine ranking factor, so if your pages are not loading within some seconds, then you need to work on it immediately.

What is a CDN?

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of servers that is set up in different locations to deliver pages and web content over a wide geographic area. This service is best to delivery the content of your websites faster with high traffic. Also it provides protection from large surges in traffic. Many of you may think that it is a hosting service but it is not. You will need the service the hosting service to create a website.

Why Get a CDN for Your Site?

If you want to deliver your content faster then CDN is the best way to start with. With the help of WordPress CDN, you can speed up your website speed by serving up the content near your user’s location. Whether you are in the USA, Japan, or Oklahoma your visitors can be easily connected and get their content fast.

A CDN uses the cloud to store the content and deliver it to your users from a server to where they live. This will help your visitors to see content within seconds of loading your WordPress site.

Benefits of using CDN

There are many benefits of using a CDN, they are as follows:

Distributed data centers

Suppose, if you are from Europe and your users are from different area then you need to make a number of trans-continental electronic hops when they access your files. Therefore, the CDN services provides the localized data centers that are closer to your users and result faster.

Different domains

The browsers limit the number of concurrent connections to a single domain. Only four active connections are permitted so the fifth download is blocked automatically until the previous files has been fully retrieved. This types of actions is seen when downloading many large files from the same site. So, here CDN will be a great help as CDN files are hosted on a different domain where a single CDN permits the browser to download a further four files at the same time.

File may be pre-cached

There is a high chance of someone visiting your site who has already visited a site using the Google CDN. So, you won’t need to be downloaded it again because the file has already been cached by your browser.

Usage analytics

There are many commercial CDNs that provides file usage reports and normally they charge per byte. Those types of  reports can provide the analytics of your own website as well as may offer a better impression of video views and downloads.

Boost performance and saves money

A CDN can distribute the load, boost performance, save bandwidth, and reduce your existing hosting costs.

Built-in version control

Usually it is possible to link to a specific version of a JavaScript library or CSS file. And you can often request the “latest” version if it is required.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best CDN services that will help you to speed up your website speed for WordPress. Let’s have a look:


StackPath - Best CDN Service

StackPath is one of the best CDN services that comes with many data centers across the world. It includes an instant purge mechanism, intelligent caching system, and custom cache rules to speed up your site performance. It works well with the popular WordPress caching plugins like WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache. As well as compatible with all the popular content management systems like Magento. StackPath’s secure CDN will protect your website from the DDoS attacks with blocking features and load balancing. You will find it easy to set up as it includes friendly tools and APIs. And also allows you to monitor real-time analytics.


Its cost starts from $20 per month. And the best part is that the first month is free.


Rackspace - Best CDN Service

Rackspace is a dedicated cloud computing service provider that has a CDN solution. It supports WordPress websites, eCommerce stores, mobile applications, web applications, and more.  It is built on powerful cloud infrastructure which will make the speed of your site faster. Rackspace works well with popular WordPress plugins and does not offer any DDoS mitigation at all. You should be very friendly with the technical knowledge because it requires advanced technical knowledge to set up.


It starts form $0.16 per GB as you go.


Cloudflare - Best CDN Service

Cloudflare is most popular CDN provider among bloggers, professionals and small businesses. It includes best security service and web performance. Cloudflare is a best service provider that protects your website and boost your performance even in the free plan. It has more than 180 data centers all around the world. Cloudflare has a large network of globally distributed servers that is easy to set up. It will protect your site from DDoS attacks and malicious content. You can monitor and block threats and search engine crawlers with the real time analytics.


The free plan includes basic features. And the pro version starts from $20 per month.


Sucuri - Best CDN Service

Sucuri is the  monitoring, website security, and protection service that comes with powerful WordPress firewall and CDN. This will protect your website against malware, DDOS attacks, and other WordPress security threats. It provides multiple caching options for all types of websites. This will automatically backup your site, including cloud backup storage which will cost you $5 per month. Sucuri has low number of edge servers compared to other services.


For a single website it will cost you $9.99 per month.


Incapsula - Best CDN Service

Incapsula is the best WordPress CDN services that is perfect to improve your site performance. With content and networking optimizations, the page loading time and user experiences can be improved. It will automatically direct traffic for you. It offers DDoS mitigation, website application firewall, 24/7 support, real time traffic monitoring and SSL as part of their paid CDN plans. There is also a free plan that includes the CDN functionality, as well as bot protection.


The paid plan starts from $59 per month.


CatchFly - Best CDN Service

CacheFly is the content delivery networks that offers a wide range of CDN services and excellent performance with low error rates. It delivers rich-media content up to 10x faster than single-hosting delivery. If there is any difficulty then you will get an excellent support form the team. The features like two-factor authentication,  on-demand bandwidth with no risk to performance degradation or timeouts, CloudHarmony and Cedexis, real-time reporting & analytics from Paessler, and much more are included.


The starting cost is $245 for small business plans per month that is paid annually.


KeyCDN - Best CDN Service

KeyCDN is another best CDN services to speed up your site that is active in the community of WordPress with plugins like CDN Enabler and Cache Enabler. It is the powerful content delivery networks that includes 34 data centers around the globe. And supports all types of platforms like  vBulletin, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, etc. It includes the features like intuitive dashboard, GZip compression for faster data accessibility, HTTP/2 for faster delivery, real time reporting, extensive security, origin shield and much more with DDoS protection, shared or custom SSL, secure token etc.


You can pay as you go that will start from $0.04 per GB. And minimum $40 per year.It offers a 30-day free trial.

Wrapping Up

Hope this article will help you to find the best CDN services to boost your site speed. The CDN is very important to ensure the availability of the content and its quick delivery. It is also helpful to reduce the geographical gap between the users and the servers where the content is located. In this way, the users can easily access the content they want without any delay.

If there are any queries or suggestions then feel free to comment us below.

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