Auto posting to social media is now even easy with AccessPress Social Auto Post!

You have a website of your company having all details about it but if you have no access to social media, I’m sure that you are steps backwards than your competitors. Social media has a vital role in creating a brand of any business or establishing a corporate identity in an easier way. There are many such social networking sites to which you have to log into separately for posting or sharing any information, notice, offers, products or even achievements of your company. It seems quite a boring and time-consuming task but now your worries regarding this are over as AccessPress Social Auto Post is out there in the market which automatically shares your blog posts.

AccessPress Auto Post

AccessPress Social Auto Post is a perfect social media auto post plugin to auto post all your website content to social media ( Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr). Importantly you can configure multiple social profiles and post them, it means if you want to post the content to more than one Facebook account you can! You just need to configure multiple accounts, and yes unlimited!



1. Auto post on Facebook:

You can simply auto post Facebook Profile and Facebook fan pages.


2. Auto post on Twitter:

It’s very simple to auto post your content on Twitter.


3. Auto Post on LinkedIn:


Auto post your website’s content in LinkedIn.

4. Auto Post in Tumblr:

Auto posting in Tumblr is even easier with AccessPress Social Auto Post.


5. Configure unlimited of each social media:


You can auto post to more than one social media account such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr etc.

6. Auto post of new posts:

You can easily enable or disable this feature.


7. Auto post filtering:

You can do auto post filtering as per post types and taxonomies i.e. you can enable certain post types.


8. Shorten long URL:

It has an ability to shorten a long URL to a tiny one with bitly for Twitter.




9. Ability to enable/ disable:

It allows activating or deactivating any account easily.


10. Logs available to track:

It makes the logs available to track all your auto posts to individual accounts.


11. Post format selection ability for Facebook account:

You can either post simple test message or share your blog post.


12. Message format configuration:

It has message format configuration ability for each account individually. Share your posts uniquely as per your requirement in each network.



13. Ability to publish a single WordPress post:

It has an ability to publish a single WordPress post to all the accounts concurrently with just one publish click.



14. Ability to enable and disable post in the screen:

This feature is helpful to disable Auto post without going to the plugin settings.


15. A clean and user-friendly admin:

It has a clean and user friendly interface to manage everything with all the necessary steps described.


16.Translation ready:

You can easily translate the plugin into any language you need.



17. Super Support & paid customization available



Keep posting on social media with AccessPress Social Auto Post– Download Today!   

Above mentioned features with their demo proves that this plugin is really very useful for anybody willing to flourish the visitors traffic to their website and towering the success of their business. It keeps you away from the burden of many procedures and steps you need to go through while sharing your website’s content in social media. It will save your time and helps you to become more productive than before.Download AccessPress Social Auto Post today and keep being connected with millions of social media users (anticipated clients).

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    29 Jul 2016
    10:32 AM

    Great. You must try AccessPress Social Auto Post as well. I am sure that you’ll love its great features.


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