How to Add a Stat Counter on WordPress Website?


How to Add a Stat Counter on WordPress Website?

If you are wondering to represent your achievements, work excellence, team strength, product ranges or other key business stats in a beautiful counter bar then, you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss a short tutorial of how to add a stat counter on WordPress website. These stat counters allow you to represent the statistical value of your work excellence for generating the trust of your clients.

If you are a WordPress user then, you can find various WordPress plugins to display the statistic counter number on your website. They come with different counter bar designs, configuration and customization options, position options to represent your the positive stats of your website. So, you can use them to add a beautiful stats counter bar and increase the value of your business.

Here, in this article, we will be using Everest Stat Counter Lite – a free WordPress plugin to get forward with the tutorial and show you how to add stat counter on WordPress website.

Major Features of Everest Stat Counter Lite:

  • 5 Pre-designed Templates to Choose From
  • Option to Configure the Column Display Settings for Mobiles, Tablets
  • Background Selection Option
  • Overlay Option for Background Images
  • Add Unlimited Items on Each Stat Counter
  • Individual Configuration of Stat Counter Items with Various Dynamic CSS
  • Add CTA on Each Counter Item
  • Easy Usage Via Shortcode

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Adding Stat Counter Using Everest Stat Counter Lite

Now let’s get started with this step by step tutorial and add a beautiful stat counter on WordPress website with the help of Everest Stat Counter Lite:

Step 1:

Download Everest Stat Counter Lite from repository for free. Then, install it on your site. If you have any difficulties while installing the plugin then, you can check out its documentation.

After you have installed the plugin, activate it.

Step 2:

Upon activating the plugin, you can see “Everest Counter Lite” on the left menu of your WordPress dashboard. Click on it to continue.

You will be to directed to “All Everest Counter” page that contains the listing of all the stats counter you have created to date using the plugin.

All Everest Counter

To add the existing stat counter, copy the shortcode and paste it on any page, post custom post types of your desire.

To create a new stat counter, click on “Add New Everest Counter” button available.

Step 3:

You will be directed to the “Add New Everest Counter” page. It contains all the options required to create and display a new stats counter on your WordPress website.

Add New Everest Counter

To get started, give the title for the new stat counter. Then click on “Add Counter Item” button to add a counter item.

These counter items contain different settings to personalize your items. The settings include:

Icons Settings:

Here, you can select the custom icon for the counter items. You can pick the custom color and font for your icon and enable the border.

Everest Stat Counter Lite: Icon Settings

Title Settings:

You can add the title for the counter items and configure its style by choosing the font family, font size and font color of your preference.

Everest Stat Counter Lite: Title Settings

Button Settings:

This settings section will allow you to add button of custom label, link URL and target on the counter items. You configure its style by choosing the font family, font size and font color of your choice.

Everest Stat Counter Lite: Button Settings


Counter Settings:

From here, you can add the count value and configure its style by choosing the most favourable font family, font size and font color.

Everest Stat Counter Lite: Counter Settings

You can also add cool animation of the count value by enabling it and setting its delay and duration.

Sub Title Settings

Here, you can add subtitle of the counter item and style it up by configuring its font family, font size and font color.

Everest Stat Counter Lite: Sub Title Settings

These are the common settings for the counter items. The plugin lets you add unlimited counter items. So, you can add as many counter items as per your requirement and configure and customize them with the option available.

Step 4:

Then, scroll down below to the display settings of the plugin. It allows you to configure the appearance of your counter bar on your website. It contains 3 different settings section. They are:

Template Selection:

Here, you can select any of the 5 pre-designed counter templates to add the counter bar that provides the best match with the overall design of your WordPress site.

Everest Stat Counter Lite: Template Selection

Column Settings:

Here, you can allocate the number of columns for desktops, tablets, and mobiles in which you want to embed your stats counter.

Everest Stat Counter Lite: Column Settings

Background Settings:

Here, you can select the image or color background for your stats counter.

If you choose the image background then, you need to upload an image. You can check the preview of your image and can change it any time you want.

Everest Stat Counter Lite: Background Settings

Also, you can enable the overlay effect on the background image and choose the custom color for overlay.

If you have selected the color background then, you can add the custom color for your background.

Step 5:

After you have completed customizing all the settings available on the plugin, click on “Publish” button to make your stat counter go live.

Everest Counter Lite: Publish

Step 6:

Then, copy the shortcode available on “Generated Shortcode” and paste it on any page, post or custom post types to display your newly created stats counter.

Everest Stat Counter Lite: Generated Shortcode

Wrapping Up

In this way, you can showcase your achievements and work excellence statistically on your WordPress website. These stats can play a major role to earn the trust of your clients and convert them into your leads. So, if you want to add stats counter on WordPress website then, you can try the above-mentioned plugin for free and follow this step by step tutorial.

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