How to Add Social Icons on WordPress Website?

How to Add Social Icons on WordPress Website?

Adding social icons on your website can be an easy way to provide access to your social profiles, social community or social groups. It enables your visitors to connect you socially which will not increase the social reach of your brand but can also make the communication with your clients stronger.

How to Add Social Media Icons on WordPress Website?

One of the easiest and convenient way to embed social follow icons on your WordPress website is by utilizing the WordPress social icons plugins. They support a large number of social media to give you the choice to display social profile links of your preference. Additionally, you can also personalize the layout, size, shape, appearance, etc of your social icons.

Here, in this article, we will use AccessPress Social Icon to show you how to add social icons on WordPress website. It is a free WordPress plugin that comes with different templates, configuration and customization options to display your social media icons in an eye-catchy way.

To know about the more about all the features of the plugin in detail check out the introduction video below:

Adding Social Icons using AccessPress Social Icons:

Now let’s get started with this step by step tutorial and add social icons on your WordPress website in 6 easy steps:

Step 1: Installation and Activation

AccessPress Social Icons

Download AccessPress Social Icons from repository for free. Then, install it on your website.

The installation process of AccessPress Social Icons is same as the installation of other plugins. So, if you have any difficulties while installing the plugin then, you can refer to its documentation.

After you have completed the installation, activate it.

Step 2: Add New Icon Set

Upon activating the plugin, you can see “AccessPress Social Icons” appear on the left menu of your WordPress dashboard. Click on it to continue.

You will land to the “Social Icons” listing page. It contains the list of all the social icons set you have created to date on your website.

Social Icons Listing Page

To add the existing social icons set, you can copy the shortcode and paste it on the desired location.

In order to create a new social icons set, click on “Add New” button.

Step 3: Icon Settings

You will be directed to the “Add New Set” page. It contains all the options required for creating the icons set. But before going through these settings, give the name to the new icon set.

Choose Available Templates

Then, choose the icon set type. You can either choose and add all your icons individually or choose the available 12 pre-designed templates.

If you choose to select pre-designed templates then, icons list of 20 different social networks will appear. To add these icons, you need to enter the title, width, height, icon link, tooltip text and icon link target page.

Icon Lists

So, add details to as many icons as you want to display them on your website.

To know more about this configuration, you can check out the video tutorial below:

Step 4: Icon Lists

Alternative, you chose to add the icons individually then, enter the icon title, icon image, height, width, border style icon link, tooltip text and icon target link.

Individual Icon List

Then, click on “Add Icon to List” to add your icons.

To know more about this configuration, you can check out the video tutorial below:

Step 5: Icon Display Options

After you have set the icon list scroll down below to configure and customize your social media icons.


You can set the number of rows, margins between each icon, icon hover animation and opacity on non-hover. Also, you can enable the tooltip and customize its background color, text color and position.

Step 6: Add Social Icons

Upon saving the icons set, you will be directed back to the “Social Icons” listing page where your newly created social icons set will be listed.

To add the newly created social icons set, copy the shortcode generated and paste it to the place where you want to add your social icons.

For additional features, you can upgrade this plugin into its premium version – AccessPress Social Icons Pro.

Wrapping Up

Still there are different ways to set up social icons on WordPress website. While some are easy to deploy and other have the magnitude with cool features, its up to you to make a sound decision of how you want add the social media follow icons on your website.

Hope the tutorial is helpful and comprehensive to you. If you like this article then, please subscribe our YouTube Channel for video tutorials. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get update for similiar type of step by step guide.

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