How to add off-canvas flyout menu on WordPress website? (Step by Step Guide)

How to add off-canvas flyout menu on your WordPress website? (Step by Step Guide)
How to add off-canvas flyout menu on your WordPress website? (Step by Step Guide)

Adding an off-canvas flyout menu on your WordPress website can be beneficial in many ways. You might want to add a stylish menu for your website to make your site’s contents more visible and easy to navigate. Also, you may want to add a quick one-page navigation menu/icons or content sidebars or side tabs or content blocks to make your website more engaging. All these elements can be added on your WordPress website with the help of WordPress off-canvas navigation menu plugins available.

Flyouts are one of the most trending way to display your web contents. You can add the links of your site’s important contents and display them in a stunning fly menu. By doing so, you provide a unique navigation experience to your audience and drive them there to boost its engagement rate and conversion rate.

Here, in this article, we will be using WP Fly Menu to show you how to add off-canvas flyout menu on your WordPress website.

So, let’s get started and add a beautiful off-canvas flyout menu on your WordPress website:

Step 1: Installation and Activation

WP Fly Menu

Purchase WP Fly Menu from CodeCanyon marketplace at the discounted price of $10. (Since the plugin contains a launch offer of 50% off).

Then, install it on your WordPress website. If you feel any difficulties with the installation of the plugin then, you can refer to its documentation for help.

Step 2: Add New Fly Menu

After you have installed the plugin, you will see “WP Fly Menu” appear on the left menu of your WordPress backend. Click on it to proceed.

You will land to WP Fly Menu page. It consists of all the flyout navigators that you have created till date. In order to add a new one for your WordPress website, click on “Add New” button.

WP Fly Menu

Step 3: Configuration and Customization

You will land on “Add New” page. It consists of 6 different sections to create your fly menu. They are:

i) Build Fly Menu

You can enable/disable the header and footer of your menu with each section consists of different options. Enable and configure all the options as per your wish.

WP Fly Menu: Build Fly Menu

ii) Layout Settings

Here, you can choose the layout for your fly menu with its position and submenu type. Besides, you can also set the animation for your menu, submenu and its menu items.

WP Fly Menu: Layout Settings

iii) Font & Color

Here, you can select the fonts and submenu navigation icons for your fly menu.

WP Fly Menu: Font and Color

iv) Toggle Button Settings

Here, you can either choose your default toggle button provided by the template or set up your own custom toggle by configuring the options available.

WP Fly Menu: Toggle Button Settings

v) Display Settings

Here, you can set the permission to display your fly menu as per user role. Besides, you can also make the select the pages/posts where you want your fly menu to be displayed.

WP Fly Menu: Display Settings

Wrapping Up

We hope this step by step tutorial is helpful to you. If you are looking for something similar then, go ahead and try iy out. Like mentioned above, these fly menu can be used for multiple purpose and can benefit your WordPress website in lots of ways. ]

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