A premium Twitter WordPress Plugin: AccessPress Twitter Feed Pro

AccessPress Twitter Feed PRO is a Premium Twitter plugin for WordPress. It is a beautiful Twitter WordPress plugin which adds beauty to your website and work by giving you an extra space for promoting yourself and as well being responsible towards your customers/ visitors. Easy setup process, simple and quick configuration, beautiful tweet layouts etc make it a perfect plugin.  It just takes a few minutes to set it up and use this product. Start strong Twitter integration right on your website and increase your social reach to next level with AccessPress Twitter Feed Pro.


Twitter is a very popular social network in use today.It surely is successful in making the brands more popular than ever or even making an amazing content go viral.Twitter simply helps you drive a high traffic back to your website, once your website is connected to it. For the same cause, this feature rich WordPress plugin is very a useful plugin for you.

Check the full features below:

1. Fetch latest tweets from any account and apply tweet layouts

You can simply fetch the latest popular tweets from any account. You can also use various tweet layouts.


2. Multiple Twitter Accounts Support

The plugin offers multiple Twitter accounts support. You can show multiple accounts through widgets and shortcodes.


3. Configurable number of tweets to display

You can configure the number of tweets to be fetched. Simply inserting the number in the option dialog box, you can set it.


4.Twitter Timeline layout included

It has incorporated Twitter timeline layout, which helps you to find out the latest posts first and older ones later.


5.Caching option to prevent frequent API calls

It has caching option to prevent frequent API calls.


6. 12 Beautiful design templates to choose from.

The plugin offers 12 beautifully designed feed templates from which you can choose any. Get your Twitter feeds displayed in the kind of template you like.


7. Feeds with image integrated

Normally, Twitter incorporated websites just show text not images but this plugin is also image integrated.


8. Easy use with shortcode or widget

It is very easy to use with shortcode or widget with various configurable parameters.


9. Feeds image open up in light box

The feed images can be viewed well with this plugin as they open up in lightbox as you click on them.


10. Display tweets as News Ticker

You can also display the important tweets as the news ticker with various configurable ticker options.


11. Display tweets in slider

You can display tweets in slider with various configurable slider options.


12. Configure tweet date/time format & option to show/hide full user name

You can configure tweet date and time format like showing full date and time, date only or elapsed time.Similarly you have option to show or hide full user name.


13. Lightweight & user friendly

It is a lightweight plugin which Installs in seconds and user friendly too. It is very easy to configure and setup.


14. Super support &  paid customization available

You can get support via email/support forum/online chat for any kinds of problem you face while using this plugin. Besides, you can also contact us for paid customization.


Hurry up!

Just a single plugin but lots of benefits! Overwhelming number of visitors to your website will be obviously a great experience. So, don’t delay. Hurry up!

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