A perfect WP plugin that allows login to WordPress using social accounts- AccessPress Social Login

AccessPress Social Login – is a perfect Social Login Plugin for WordPress to allow your website visitors to register/login to the website using one of their favorite social website accounts. Your website users don’t need to insert their personal details in a lengthy and boring registration form in order to register, login or leave a comment in your website. All they should do is simply logging into one of their social accounts.  Today’s generation obviously loves this feature in your website and the chances of your company’s success get even higher and higher.

AccessPress Social Login

As a website owner, you can easily configure which social accounts to enable/disable for login, which areas of the website social login/connect should be displayed (login, registration, comments, check out) and other various configuration including text/strings configuration. Also, you can select the social login buttons/icons from 15 beautifully designed templates to fit them with your website’s overall design/theme. Your website will fetch real data of the user’s social profile!

Features of AccessPress Social Login:

Your website users find it easy, quick and convenient to login to your website if you use this plugin in your website. Here we discuss some of its main features below:

1. Login with most popular 9 social media (social connect)

The plugin has 9 most popular social media to login. Your website users can choose and log into your website via one of their favorite social media without a separate registration in your website.

9-social-media2. 2. Configure each social account

You should configure each account by setting up a few authorization details to let your users login to your website easily.



3. Enable/disable in the login area

Configure which social media account to enable/disable in the login area.

enable-or-disable-login-area4. Configure social login area

Configure which area of the website the social login should be displayed (eg. Registration, login, comments) as you wish.

 configure-social-login-area5. Fifteen beautiful themes

It has an option to choose from 15 beautifully designed social login buttons/icons. You can personalize your website by choosing a theme of icons you like the most.

15-beautiful-themes6. Configure social login buttons order

It has an option to arrange the order of the social login buttons. The icons/buttons appear in your website the way you have configured them.

configure-social-login-buttons7. Shortcodes to display social login

You can use shortcode anywhere in the post/page to display social login.

shortcodes-to-display8. Use widget to display social login

You can also use widgets to display social icon in the website.


9. Enable or disable social login

It has an option to enable / disable social login (completely).

enable-or-disable-social-login10. One click registration/login

The most important feature of this plugin is ‘one click registration/login’. It’s very simple.

one-click-registration11. High level of customization/configuration

It has high level of customization/ configuration option that admin can change the title attributes for social media icons, other texts, strings etc.

high-level-of-customization12. Ability to send the login details


It has an ability to send the login details to the user’s email.

13. Integrate with the WordPress users

It has a feature to Integrate with the WordPress users.


14. Works with BuddyPress

Many people even love BuddyPress. It Works with buddypress as well efficiently.



15. Nice and easy to use

It’s nice and easy to use admin interface for site admin to manage, configure the plugin.


16. Translation Ready

This plugin is useful to anybody from anywhere due to its translation ready feature. You can translate the plugin into any language you need.


17. Super support and paid customization available

super-support-7-paid-customizationSo, why not to hurry to get one?

The plugin is sure to bring your website users even closer to you and help you empower your business. So, why not to hurry? Get AccessPress Social Login today and please do give us feedbacks. We love hearing from our clients.

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