50% OFF on WOO Product Grid/List Design – A Responsive Products Showcase Listing for WordPress

If you are looking for a plugin that can showcase products in your online store in the most elegant way, then Woo Product Grid/List Design is the plugin for you! To know all the details of the plugin, please continue reading 🙂 This plugin is now available at a huge discount of 50 percent. So, a great way to get a lot at the least price!

Introduction to the Plugin – Woo Product Grid/List Design

The core ingredient for every great WooCommerce business is a terrific website that showcases products in the most appealing and organized way. Because, I kid you not, the way your products are showcased can speak volumes on how much sales can you generate.

With Woo Product Grid/List Design, we bring to you a plugin that makes an elegant, organized, sophisticated display of products possible at your e-commerce website. This plugin with its madly wide customization options and 40+ beautiful pre-designed templates is the best way to showcase your products. It is a simple and easy-to-use plugin that allows you to add unlimited product grid/list anywhere in your website via shortcode. This WooCommerce extension works flawlessly with all the WordPress themes and is well tested across a wide range of devices available. In short, this is the best WordPress plugin to showcase products in your WooCommerce website. Why, you ask? Please have a look at the features below to know the answer to this question.

Demo                                      Purchase/Details                                                 Documentation

Primary Features of the Plugin – WOO Product Grid/List Design

Here are some of the major features of the plugin. Have a look at what all this product showcase plugin can perform for you 🙂 To check the list of all the features of the plugin, please click here.

40+ Ready to Use Templates

Woo Product Grid/List Design is power packed with more than 40 beautifully designed elegant templates. Each of the templates has a beauty, a purpose of its own and all the templates help you create the perfect product showcase at your website. Among the variety of templates, you can find :

  • 30+ Grid Layout – Pre designed beautiful, responsive grid templates ready to use. Full controls of columns in desktop, mobile or tablet
  • 10+ List Layout – Pre designed beautiful responsive list templates ready to use. Manage the right or left image position.
Beautifully showcase products with lightbox 

Use the lightbox feature of the plugin to showcase your product’s –

  • Detail view
  • Variable Product Attribute
  • Product’s Pricing
Lots of configuration option to filter product from all possible WP Queries Condition

Woo Product Grid/List Design gives users full liberty to :

  • Show products from all possible taxonomies or categories queries of WP
  • Show products associated with certain custom fields which can be either single or multiple customs fields
  • Show products based on a search keyword
  • Show popular products from view or comments
  • Sort retrieved products from order and order by parameters
8 stunning ribbon templates to showcase the product sale or ribbon content

Woo Product Grid/List Design offers you a wide range of ribbon templates to showcase your products or the ribbon content. These stunning templates can be placed in 6 different positions in your site. Now easily add ribbons with text or icons to all your products via this plugin.

Tons of paginations and filter templates

Introduce your product in a unique way with paginations and filter templates:

  • 5 stunning image filters templates to introduce your product in a unique way.
  • Order your product’s posts with easy pagination options. Standard, load more and infinite scroll pagination.5 each template for standard and load more pagination.
  • 16 available loader images to show load more and infinite scroll pagination

To view more of the plugin’s details and features, please check the links right here below!

Demo                                   Purchase/Details                                                Documentation

Support and Documentation  – WOO Product Grid/List Design

At the purchase of each copy of the plugin, you will be receiving top-notch support from the product developers themselves for an entire lifetime. So as long as you are using the product, you will receive help and support in every way from us.

The documentation of this plugin is another of its tempting aspect. The documentation of Woo Product Grid/List Design is so detailed, comprehensive and well written that you will be able to understand, use and take full advantage of the plugin with utmost ease.

Price of the Plugin  – WOO Product Grid/List Design

This is the point where we are pretty sure you will be surprised 😉

A plugin that comes with more that 40+templates, tons of customization options, a wide range of product filtration options, beautiful lightbox, top-notch support, comprehensive documentation, unique product showcase options, and other innumerable features must cost tons, don’t you think?

Well, good news – It doesn’t. The product is as low cost as it is feature rich. You can purchase the plugin at just $18. Not to forget, a lifetime support and great documentation are available at this cost.

For just $18, give your e-commerce website a grand look! Showcase your products with Woo Product Grid/List Design and see how fast your visitors will turn into your customers !!!

Demo                                    Purchase/Details                                            Documentation

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